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PS4 ‘trophy hunter’ breaks world record for Platinum trophies in 24 hours

Published: 15/Dec/2019 14:41

by Daniel Cleary


A ‘professional’ PlayStation4 trophy hunting YouTuber claims to have set a new world record by completing 50 platinum trophies in under 24 hours.

Many PS4 gamers will often look to challenge themselves by completing a game and all of the quirky achievements in its entirety to earn that prestigious Platinum Trophy on PlayStation 4.

However, one hardcore gamer seems to have made a career out of doing so, becoming known for his gaming playthroughs and tutorials on how to achieve 100% completion on many of the most popular titles.

SonyPlayers can unlock different tiers of Playstation trophies after completing in-game achievements.

The YouTuber, who simply goes by ‘PS4Trophies’, has amassed a massive following of over 825,000 subscribers on their channel for their guides, and decided to push things to the next level by looking to break a world record at what they do best.

PS4Trophies set out on the 24-hour challenge in an attempt to complete and earn platinum trophies in 50 different games in total, which would be quite the feat for even the most hardcore gamers out there. Most will have only a handful of platinums in their lifetime of PS4 play.

Surprisingly to some viewers, the YouTuber managed to smash the challenge by completing the final game, just minutes after hitting the 20-hour mark, explaining, “So I did a thing over the past 20 hours, where I played to full completion, 50 games and earned 50 Platinums.”

Despite completing the challenge well within the limit which was set, Ps4Trophies revealed that it was much more difficult then they had originally anticipated it to be. “Thought it’d be much easier than it was but with the community really pulled me through and this is dedicated to them.”

The full 20 hour stream was broadcasted live on their YouTube channel, and is fast approaching 50,000 views.

In order to accomplish this challenge, they avoided some of the more time-consuming games, such as Death Stranding, which would likely take weeks to achieve platinum trophies by themselves.

Instead, they focused on some of the shorter games that were available on the PlayStation store, earning each platinum trophy in as short as 5 minutes or up to 40 minutes long, depending on the title.

Regardless, managing to complete so many games in such a short amount of time is still incredibly impressive and it is likely that it required a lot of concentration and muscle memory to overcome such a challenge.

League of Legends

TFT patch 10.25 to feature Talon buffs, Warwick & Moonlight nerfs, more

Published: 3/Dec/2020 7:29

by Andrew Amos


TFT patch 10.25 is on its way as the final update ahead of the Mid-Set update, and it’s set to be massive. Talon could be back on the menu, Warwick and Moonlight are getting a nerf, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The TFT meta has stabilized after patch 10.24. No longer is it 4-1 roll down and pray, because there’s actually meaning to the early game.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing Riot can’t improve though. With the b-patch finally going live with nerfs to Zed, Yone, and Runaan’s Hurricane, TFT patch 10.25 is going to be the big one before the year’s end. It’s the final patch before January’s mid-set update, which will shake up units, traits, and more.

Enduring Sword Talon in TFT
Riot Games
Talon could be back in TFT patch 10.25 with some damage buffs.

TFT patch 10.24b nerfs Zed, Yone, more

Before we dive too deep into TFT patch 10.25, it’s important to note some changes were made in the middle of TFT patch 10.24 that you might have missed. Zed and Yone were nerfed, alongside traits Keeper, Cultist, and attack speed item Runaan’s Hurricane.

This was to curb the power of Zed carry comps which had risen to prominence. An attack speed nerf has made them less potent, but ultimately still strong. The same goes for the rest of the nerfs, which have lightly nudged the power balance instead of major overhauls.

Moonlight the big target on TFT patch 10.25

TFT patch 10.24 had one big winner, and it was Moonlight reroll compositions. Diana and Lissandra carry have been two of the strongest picks on this patch thanks to the rolling changes.

However, on TFT patch 10.25, Riot are bringing them back in line. Because it’s easier to hit the composition, Riot have had to bring back Lissandra and Diana’s damage to be more in line with other one-cost units. While they still have the four-star mechanic, it won’t be as hard to beat.

Warwick is also set for a big nerf to his lifesteal at one and two-star to compensate for his ability overhaul last patch. This will be coupled with a Divine nerf, reducing the amount of true damage the units dish out.

Wukong, Fiora, Sylas, Xin Zhao, Evelynn, and Talon are all set for buffs, while Vi and Kayn are on Riot’s naughty list.

Diana in TFT Fates
Riot Games
Moonlight champions Diana and Lissandra are getting nerfed in TFT patch 10.25.

You can find the full set of changes below, courtesy of [email protected]. We will update this with the full patch notes once they drop on December 8.

TFT patch 10.24 preview notes


Tier 1


  • Ability AD percent increased from 225/250/275% to 250/265/280%


  • Damage increased from 200/300/450 to 250/400/600


  • Ability damage lowered from 350/450/600/800 to350/450/550/700
  • Ability secondary damage lowered from 175/225/300/450 to 175/225/275/375


  • Ability orbs lowered from 4/5/6/9 to 4/5/6/8

Tier 2


  • Damage increased from 250/400/600/1000 to 250/400/700/1111


  • Ability armor reduction lowered from 50/75/100% to 40/60/80%

Tier 3

Xin Zhao

  • Ability AD percent changed from 300/325/350% to 330/340/350%


  • Ability damage increased from 350/500/1400 to 350/600/1500
  • Ability damage multiplier lowered from 3 to 2.

Tier 4


  • Ability AD percent increased from 200/200/250% to 240/250/275%


  • Ability lifesteal lowered from 50/50/200% to 40/40/200%

Tier 5


  • Damage changed from 400/600/6666 to 375/575/6666