Pokimane roasted by chat over embarrassing Wordle fail

Zackerie Fairfax
pokimane wordle twitch fail

Daily word game Wordle has enthralled the internet and it oftentimes leads to some embarrassing moments on Twitch when streamers like Pokimane question whether what they’ve typed is a real word.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with Wordle, here’s a quick rundown. Every person gets a chance to play once every 24 hours by visiting nytimes.com/games/wordle. You get six attempts to guess the day’s word before you have to wait for the next.

Seen a random assortment of grey, yellow, and green squares on social media? It’s likely to do with Wordle. Players enjoy sharing their streaks and number of guesses to show their word game dominance.

The game has gotten so popular that even streamers have started playing with their viewers. A fun idea at first is actually very brave as streamers are putting their English literacy to the test with sometimes embarrassing results.

Pokimane streaming on twitch
Twitch: pokimane
Pokimane streams on Twitch to over 15k viewers.

Pokimane roasted over Wordle fail

Pokimane has made a habit of starting each stream on Twitch with Wordle. You might think it’s easy to play the game with thousands of people watching, but she has her chat in emote-only mode rendering her viewers almost useless.

While playing, she had gotten down to her fifth guess with four of the letters revealed. After a bit of a struggle, she typed the word “other” but hesitated to hit enter. She stated, “I don’t know if this is a word, bro. I’m gonna be honest, is this a word?”

Her chat erupted in laughing emotes as viewers frantically hit the clip button. Various clips titled “To think Poki was supposed to be a chemical engineer” or “Poki shows off her English skills” appeared on Reddit.

“Why are you laughing?” Poki exclaimed. “What’s so funny?” Moments later, she realized that “other” was a word and explained she had read the word as if it were a misspelling of “author.”

Embarrassed, the streamer faked shutting her broadcast off before switching to the PG-13 version of Wordle, Lewdle. For those interested, “other” was the correct answer and she won on her fifth guess.

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