Scump reveals biggest “unwritten rule” of viral word game Wordle

Jaret Kappelman
Scump Wordle ruleCDL / Wordle

Call of Duty legend Scump is one of many that have hopped on the Wordle train and he revealed the unwritten rule that players never spoil the daily puzzle.

If you have opened Twitter in the last month or so then you probably have come across people posting different color squares and numbers.

Wordle is a new word puzzle game that has taken over the social media platform. So much so that the New York Times purchased it from the creator.

Many people are on the Wordle hype including Current CDL pro Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and he explained the game’s only unwritten rule.

Scump talks about Worlde’s unwritten rule 

Wordle has been on everyone’s minds that it even made an appearance on the OpTic podcast. In the weekly talk show, Scump’s teammates Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell asked what the Wordle crave was all about.

Topic starts at 40:30 for mobile viewers

The King explained the word solving game in simple terms but Dashy was confused since everyone gets the same word. “If it’s the same word for everyone, so you can like spoil it basically?”

Scump quickly replied that it’s possible but pretty much frowned upon in the Wordle community. “You could, but nobody does it’s an unwritten rule. If you spoil Wordle people will beat your neck.”

wordleJosh Wardle/powerlanguage
Scump claims that spoiling the Wordle is an unwritten rule.

An unwritten rule is something that everyone accepts and understands without it actually being set in stone as a rule. This is obeyed by pretty much everyone that plays the game.

While most days the current Wordle trends on Twitter there are usually never any hints or clues as to what the answer is. So it seems that Scump is right to make that claim that the community is all in agreement and keeps the fun for everyone.