PewDiePie owns “annoying” Fall Guys stream sniper in first time playing

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During his August 13 livestream, YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg hilariously owned a stream sniper trying to ruin his match in Fall Guys. The Swedish star took down the troll in the most perfect way possible.

Fall Guys has exploded in popularity since its debut in early August. The physics-based party title has taken the streaming world by storm, as viewers flock to see their favorite personalities wipe out in epic fashion.

YouTube’s biggest star PewDiePie has also been bitten by the bug, and during his first major broadcast of the game, faced off against a stream sniper trying to ruin the match. However, his swift moves hilariously stopped the troll in their tracks.

pewdiepie playing fall guys
The Swedish YouTuber laughed after owning a troll in Fall Guys.

PewDiePie owns Fall Guys stream sniper

Over 125k viewers tuned in to watch the YouTuber stream Fall Guys. During his second match, he encountered a stream sniping troll trying to ruin his session by constantly grabbing onto him.

“Stop touching me!” he told the user, before exclaiming, “This f**king pineapple b**ch knows who I am! F**k off, pineapple. Stop! You are super annoying and I don’t like you. God, stop. Just stop. No one likes you.”

The pesky player continued to hold on to PewDiePie, dragging him back and forth, before the 30-year-old outmaneuvered them, causing the troll to fall off the level and be eliminated. “Hahaha, eat a**, pineapple! F**k off. Try to stream snipe me! F**k you a**hole!” he said, before breaking into laughter.

However, the star wasn’t as lucky during his first match, where he was eliminated after being grabbed by another random player. “Stop touching me!” he yelled, before being falling behind the crowd. He took the loss in his stride, though, and laughed at how fun the game is regardless of whether you win or not.

PewDiePie continues to crush it in 2020, amassing over 106 million subscribers to his channel. In May, the entertainer revealed he had signed a major deal with YouTube to livestream exclusively on their platform.

The creator’s move to streaming has paid off massively for him, as he regularly pulls in 60-70k viewers each time he goes live. The star even peaked at over 220k during his The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima broadcasts.

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