Overwatch best friends complete 5-year grind to Diamond after meeting in-game

Philip Trahan
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One member of an Overwatch duo shared a wholesome post about their journey with the game and the community loved it.

Sometimes the wholesome stories centered around video game communities are the ones fans need to read most.

Stories like the Pokemon Go player getting good news from their Ukrainian friend or a proud dad recounting his daughter’s insane Overwatch play really highlight just how powerful video games can be.

Now, another wholesome Overwatch story has captured the community after one half of a duo team shared the story of their 5-year grind to Diamond.

Overwatch duo shares wholesome story

Activision BlizzardFor those not familiar with Overwatch’s competitive ranking system, Diamon is the 3rd highest ranking overall behind Master and Grandmaster.

The post comes from Reddit user IHaveNoIdeaSoThere on the team-based shooter’s subreddit.

They made a post that said, “My best friend and I met on Overwatch 5 years ago. We were bronze and stupid but boy did we like the game.”

The Overwatch fan goes on to say that after over 500 hours spent grinding in competitive play, the duo “finally achieved the goal” they set for themselves when they first met online.

They attached a picture showing the duo achieved 3,025 SR, which put them at Diamond rank.

The post received plenty of congratulations and kudos from the community, with many players complimenting their commitment to the grind for so long.

“500 hours of mental trauma is notting to laugh at. Nah but seriously good job [dude],” said user XnenoVenom.

The duo’s story also inspired other players to share similar stories about the game helping them to meet important people in their lives.

“Such an awesome story. I still to this day say my wife and I had our first date on Overwatch. When she found out I played she immediately bought it and a gaming computer to be able to have time together,” said BoldWarSeer.

Hopefully, this best friend duo remains continues their grind whenever Overwatch 2 launches later this year.