Overwatch 2’s Top 500 rank includes Diamond players as community fears game is now “dead”

Brad Norton
Winston in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s Top 500 rank now features players in Diamond and the community is fearing Blizzard’s hero shooter may be all but “dead.”

When it comes to Competitive play in Overwatch 2, there’s no bigger accomplishment than reaching the Top 500. As the label implies, this spot is reserved for the 500 best players in a given role in a certain region. The cream of the crop, if you will.

Throughout the game’s history, climbing to this echelon hasn’t been easy. Former Overwatch League pros and content creators alike all but dominated the top ranks season over season, though that no longer appears to be the case.

Players ranked in Diamond, the game’s fourth highest tier, are now cracking into the Top 500 as the player base evidently declines.

Overwatch 2 player Remy first circulated the discovery on July 4, sarcastically stating Overwatch 2 isn’t a “dead game.” The post shows the very bottom of the highest rank with 10 Diamond players among the 500 very best in the game.

With Master, Grandmaster, and Champion ranks all ahead of it, Diamond isn’t exactly the sign of one of Overwatch 2’s top performers. At least, it never used to be. The Diamond rank sits in the very middle of the ranking system, yet with fewer players engaging in Competitive play, this ‘middle’ has now been pushed to the top.

It’s worth noting this particular set of players specifically falls under the Top 500 leaderboard for the Tank role in the Americas region. It’s not representative of all Top 500 leaderboards around the globe, purely the least-desired role in Overwatch 2 today. Not to mention, some regions are more populated than others.

Overwatch 2 ranks
Diamond sits in the middle of Overwatch 2’s ranked tiers.

Nonetheless, the revelation has sparked a wave of concern for the hero-shooter once again. “Someday it’ll be studied how Blizzard could fumble this IP so badly,” one player said.

“Time for Overwatch 2: 2,” another player joked.

Though plenty of others fired back at the claims of Overwatch 2 being “dead,” arguing the Top 500 threshold is only so low at this point in time as Season 11 is relatively fresh.

Furthermore, these days, players are required to get 50 wins, not just 50 games played, but 50 wins, in order to earn their rank. “Not everyone has the luxury to no life 50 wins,” other players chimed in.