One D&D Playtest 6 changes: Classes altered & more

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D&D playtest 6

One D&D’s Playtest 6 is here, potentially bringing some dramatic changes to some of the famous TTRPGs classes. Here’s everything altered in the One D&D Playtest 6.

For most of 2023, Wizards of the Coast has been undergoing a series of changes. Naturally, some of those changes have been well-received by fans, and some have not been, such as the OGL drama in January which brought on mass D&D Beyond unsubscriptions.

Shortly after, WoTC revealed a new way to approach their fans, promoting Playtests for their upcoming One D&D edition, designed to accumulate all the best bits of 3.5 and 5e into one complete TTRPG system that can be changed when required.

These Playtests have seen dramatic changes to the Druid, perhaps inspired by the hit D&D movie, and so much more. Now, with the One D&D Playtest 6 released, seven classes face similar changes. So, what’s changed in the One D&D Playtest 6? Here’s everything you need to know.

Dungeons & Dragons Bard

What’s changed in the One D&D Playtest 6?

Most of the changes made in the One D&D Playtest 6 have been surrounding classes, with alterations being made for seven different classes. For ease, we’ve listed all the major changes below:


  • Choose from spell list at first level
  • New College of Dance subclass
  • Bardic Inspiration lasts 1 hour
  • Using Words of Creations: Power Word Heal and Power Word Kill are always prepared


  • Trickery Domain has been smoothed out, along with Life, Light, and War Domains
  • Divine Intervention allows you to cast a Divine spell of 5th level or lower without using a spell slot
  • Greater Divine Intervention allows you to cast wish
  • Specialize at first level with Divine Order and at 7th level with Blessed Strikes


  • Wild Shape is a bonus action, requires prepared forms, and allows you to speak
  • You can convert Wild Shape uses into spells slots, and spell slots into Wild Shape uses
  • New Circle of the Sea subclass
  • An update to Circle of the Moon: spells, temporary hitpoints, and casting while in Wild Shape.


  • Now deal more damage for Martial Arts
  • You can now catch and deflect ranges spell attacks
  • Alterations to class features: Step of the Wind combines Dash and Disengage, Empowered Strikes deals more force damage


Dungeons & Dragons Paladin
  • Divine Smite is a spell
  • Lay on Hands is now a bonus action
  • All smite spells are paladin-exclusive and are free casts


  • Added the Deft Explorer feature
  • Hunters Mark is ranger exclusive and deals more damage but only triggers once per turn
  • Conjure Barrage is a ranger-exclusive spell


  • You can expend a sneak attack die to cause an enemy to go prone, poison them, and more
  • As an Assassin, you get advantage on Initiative and can deal sneak attack damage if you act before them, but it’s no longer a critical
  • Can use magic items as a bonus action

These changes are purely part of the playtest and are not set in stone. They are subject to change upon each playtest and before the release of One D&D.

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