How to watch Nintendo Direct September 2022, time, date, where to stream

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The Nintendo Direct in September 2022 is happening, here’s everything you need to know to tune in or steam the latest show.

For the last six years, Nintendo has hosted a Direct stream in the month of September. The global pandemic forced the publisher to course correct in 2020, yet audiences still received a Mini-Direct that year.

And many will recall that the September Direct in 2021 featured quite a few heavy hitters. Kirby and the Forgotten Land entered the spotlight for the first time during this showcase, for example.

Nintendo has now announced that a brand new Nintendo Direct presentation will be happening in September 2022, here are all the details.


When is the September 2022 Nintendo Direct?

The Nintendo Direct for September 2022 will be broadcast on Tuesday, September 13, at 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern / 3pm UK / Midnight AEST.

The show will last around 40 minutes and will be “mostly focused on Nintendo Switch games launching this winter.”

How to watch September 2022’s September Direct

The presentation will be streamed on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

You can also watch it below:

What to expect

Though multiple industry insiders correctly claimed that a Nintendo Direct is happening in September, the full contents remain a mystery.

However, GiantBomb reporter Jeff Grubb seems adamant that this direct will heavily feature The Legend of Zelda series.

According to both GamesBeat editor Mike Minotti and Grubb, the two are “very, very sure” that the September Nintendo Direct will reveal Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD ports for the Nintendo Switch.

Twilight Princess Wind Waker
Nintendo released both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess remasters on the Wii U, which would be perfect for Switch.

Grubb goes on to say that “100 percent there’s a Nintendo Direct in September…” and that he thinks it will be “a Zelda blowout for Nintendo.”

Of course, all of this information is still unverified so fans should take it with a grain of salt. Still, seeing Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD come to the Switch, especially after Skyward Sword HD, would make a lot of sense.

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