Ninja has changed his hairstyle and fans aren’t pleased


One of Twitch’s most iconic sons, Ninja, has decided to change his hairstyle. While for most, this would just be an everyday occurrence, Ninja’s fans aren’t too happy with this transformation, and have kicked up a fuss.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has become somewhat of a cult figure in the world of video gaming, renowned for his flashy gameplay, Fortnite streams, and (usually) bright blue hair.

However, he’s also now a sensation outside of Twitch, recently signing to The Creative Artists Agency, who also represents a plethora of superstar names, including the likes of Ariana Grande.

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Something that isn’t popular, however, is Ninja’s lockdown hair transformation. To say that the choice was a divisive one is an understatement.

Ninja MixerTwitter: Ninja
Ninja’s hairstyle has become iconic, so this new choice has left fans astounded.

Ninja is a blond?!

In a series of Tweets, the Fortnite star started a hype train regarding his newest haircut. Tweeting out hours before the event that he was getting his “quarantine haircut and color”, fans immediately started debating which color was the chosen one.

However, the final product left fans mixed, at best. The typically rainbow-colored Fortnite king has decided to dye his hair a bleached blond, something that fans believe pales in comparison to his other luminous hairstyles.

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A wave of angry fan comments probably wasn’t the response that Ninja expected. This transformation appeared to seem underwhelming to fans who have come to expect more vibrant hairstyles that are inkeeping with the star’s image.

A vast swathe of tweets compared his new hairstyle to instant ramen or pasta due to the yellow-blond colour and the fact that, when the photo was taken, his hair was still wet.

Others compared him to fellow Twitch streamer xQc – after all, the resemblance is uncanny.

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Will the fans rally behind Ninja’s newest trim? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime though, maybe it’s best to reconsider any plans you have to go platinum blond…

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