MultiVersus dev hints at OP fighter nerf and confirms hitbox system overhaul

Andrew Highton
harley quinn hugging taz in multiversus

A MultiVersus dev has addressed fan complaints regarding the game’s hitboxes, including OP characters, and has assured players that positive changes are coming to the game.

With a bunch of top-notch licenses from Rick and Morty to Game of Thrones, MultiVersus has taken the gaming world by storm and the new platform fighter is proving to be a knockout – or ringout if you will.

We’ve loved the game so far and Season 1 is right around the corner. MultiVersus’ player count is still very high, but fans of the game are becoming a bit frustrated with the game’s hitboxes.

Despite issuing nerfs to OP fighters recently, there is still an imbalance, and the game’s director has eased players’ fears with an update on the game.

MultiVersus hit detection system and OP fighter update coming

Game Director Tony Huynh has been very vocal about communicating with players regarding MultiVersus and is constantly absorbing feedback from fans of the game.

With the ever-changing fighting game still in its beta phase, tweaks are being made here and there to the game’s array of combatants.

As always though, certain fighters seem to be towering above the rest and represent the best that MultiVersus has to offer. One, in particular, is Finn from the Adventure Time universe. There has been plenty of disgruntled players unhappy with his hitboxes, claiming them to be “horrendous.”

Huynh has not only stepped in to announce that Finn’s hitboxes are being looked at, but the game’s hitbox detection system is currently under the microscope.

So Finn mains may have to look elsewhere if they want to wreak havoc in MultiVersus, however, the big story here is a complete hitbox overhaul that could completely alter the entire game’s meta!

We’ll have to wait and see how these potential changes could impact the gameplay as a whole and observe all the characters to see who comes out on top when all is said and done.