Modern Warfare 2 players blast “garbage” perk change ahead of launch

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Modern Warfare 2 players are fuming after developers Infinity Ward changed the Quick Fix perk to be an Ultimate perk ahead of launch.

Modern Warfare 2 is less than a week from launch, and more and more information about the game’s mega-popular multiplayer has become public.

The second in CoD’s rebooted MW series, sharing its name with the 2009 hit FPS, is changing up gameplay in a major way by adding new weapons, a third-person mode and changing the established perk system.

Now, MW2 fans are hitting out at one specific perk change that players aren’t too happy about.

Modern Warfare 2 players blast Infinity Ward over perk change

On October 21, MW2 players noticed that, in the most recent build of the game, the Quick fix perk had been changed. A reddit post by one user pointing out the change garnered over 200 comments in just 24 hours after being posted.

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The perk, which instantly restores a player’s health after scoring a kill, was changed to be an Ultimate perk instead of a perk 2/3. Since players can only select up to one Ultimate perk per loadout, the perk will become more difficult to slot into a loadout.

Plenty of CoD fans in the comment section roasted the change to the perk, suggesting it wasn’t in need of tweaking in its prior state.

One user said, “The biggest of Ls. The thing I don’t get is I have a hard time seeing anyone run anything but ghost.”

Another added, “This perk system is so garbage, why couldn’t they just stick with MW 19’s? It pisses me off because the perk balance in this game is actually good for once, but it’s stuck behind the worst perk progression system that nobody asked for nor wants.”

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Clearly, Modern Warfare 2 fans were happy with where the Quick fix perk was before Infinity Ward changed it just before the game’s official launch.