Marvel Snap devs reveal new modes on the way, Collector Tokens to acquire cards, more

Brad Norton
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The full release of Marvel Snap on October 18 is only the beginning as developers have now a number of game modes in the works along with a highly-requested system in which players will soon be able to add specific cards to their collection.

After four seasons in Closed Beta, Marvel Snap is finally set to leave early access on October 18 as the collectible card game rolls out worldwide. This release marks not only the first time most regions can join in, but also the first time PC players can properly access the title through a new build.

A few weeks out from launch and devs at Second Dinner have lifted the curtain on what fans can expect both on day one and further down the road. From a new welcome bundle and inbox system at release, to multiple game modes and card-acquisition systems planned for later on, there’s plenty to look forward to.

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s on the horizon for Marvel Snap after the full build goes live in a matter of weeks.

Marvel Snap development roadmap
A full look at what lies ahead for Marvel Snap.

New Marvel Snap game modes on the way

Battle Mode vs Friends

First up in a September 29 blog post, devs announced Battle Mode vs Friends, an all-new game type coming soon to Marvel Snap. This option serves as the first way in which players can do battle with their friends, given the current lack of a friends list feature.

Upon loading into a match with a friend, however, you’ll notice something a little different. Rather than just competing in the usual format, each player spawns with 10 health. As rounds go by, you push to win as you normally would, though instead of fighting for Cosmic Cubes, you’re competing to deal damage instead. A typical round win would deal two damage to your opponent, while a confident win with a snap would deal four or more damage, for instance.

“We think Battle Mode is the best way to play against friends, or run community tournaments,” devs said. “It provides a clear winner while still incorporating the Snap mechanic.”

Unranked mode

Next in line is a more casual-oriented mode with no bearing on your current rank. Unranked mode is set to offer a more relaxing alternative to the current playlist, giving players a space to test new decks or even just grind towards certain missions.

Marvel Snap cover art
Marvel Snap will soon have both ranked and unranked playlists.

Say you unlock a new On Reveal card and build a deck around it. Before jumping into the competitive queue and risking your rank while learning the deck, unranked mode will be there for you to test things out.

Currently, there’s no telling when to expect it in Marvel Snap. But we now know for certain devs are listening and it’s in the pipeline.

Grab the cards you actually want with new Collector Tokens

Arguably the biggest announcement in the latest blog post was confirmation on Collector Tokens. At long last, Marvel Snap players will soon have a method of unlocking specific cards without relying on RNG in the current Collection Level system.

“One of the most frequent requests we hear from the community is the ability to target specific cards for your collection,” devs admitted. While Nexus Events were originally planned to meet that request, their design quickly backfired and Second Dinner soon scrapped them altogether. Moving forward, it’s clear they’re eager to move past this first attempt and that’s where Collector Tokens come into play.

Marvel Snap cards
Players will soon be able to acquire the exact cards they’re after with Collector Tokens.

As a new free-to-earn currency unlocked in the Collection Level Road, these Tokens can then be redeemed in The Token Shop. Here, a new card is presented every eight hours, guaranteed to be one that isn’t already in your possession.

If the shop rotates onto a card you’ve really been hunting down, you can freeze the store and lock it in place while you go off and earn more Collector Tokens. This should provide you with every opportunity to build specific decks as you track desired cards and lock them in over time.

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