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Mafia developers post cryptic teaser: Mafia 2 remaster or a new game?

Published: 10/May/2020 18:40 Updated: 10/May/2020 21:38

by Brent Koepp


After months of rumors, the Twitter account for the Mafia games finally broke its silence by posting a cryptic teaser. Could the popular series be getting a new release? Or is it a remaster? Here is everything we know so far. 

Mafia made its debut in 2002 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The release was praised for its realism, and exciting take on the crime genre. Players got to experience the rise and fall of being a mobster.

However, the series exploded in popularity with its sequel in 2010. After three years since the last title, the game’s developer gave fans a glimmer of hope with a cryptic tease for a potential upcoming project.


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Will players finally get to revisit Mafia II?

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Mafia developers share cryptic tease

Back in April, rumors began to swirl about a possible remake of Mafia 2 known as the ‘Definitive Edition’, after a board in Korea appeared to have rated the title. Fans in love with the franchise were understandably excited.

Unfortunately it didn’t provide details such as what console it would even be on, or when we could expect it to come out. The game’s developer also had kept quiet – until now.

On May 10, the official Twitter account for the series sent players into a frenzy when they tweeted out an ominous teaser. The post was a single word: “Family.”


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While it was just one word, the developer breaking silence is notable as it’s the first time they have commented on anything since 2018. It’s likely that they could be announcing some kind of project in 2020.

Despite not knowing what it could be, fans of the franchise went wild. Twitter user ‘robertevans97’ exclaimed, “Remaster the 2nd one please and thank you.” Another player ‘theCrackJack420’ requested a new title. “Mafia 4 in 70s Vegas needs to happen,” they said.

Mafia fans speculated what the teaser could mean.

At the time of writing it’s still unclear what the developer is hinting at, although a remaster of Mafia 2 seems the most likely given it will be the game’s 10th anniversary in August.


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What could it be? Will we finally get Mafia 4? Or are the long-standing rumors of a remaster of past titles finally going to come to fruition? Regardless of what is eventually announced, fans will certainly be hyped.

The fact that so much excitement can be generated over a single word tweet is just proof that players are thirsty for new Mafia content – even if that means re-visiting old classics.