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The Last of Us

Spoiler alert: Major Last of Us 2 plot details have been leaked

Published: 27/Apr/2020 3:47

by Isaac McIntyre


The Last of Us fans, you have been warned ⁠— huge plot details for Naughty Dog’s long-awaited sequel to their hit 2013 action-adventure title have been leaked online in one of the biggest spills in recent history.

The Last of Us burst onto the scene seven years ago as one of the gaming industry’s biggest hits ever. Fans immediately began calling for Naughty Dog to spin a sequel to Joel and Ellie’s horrifying and gripping post-apocalyptic story.

Bad news struck earlier this month: TLOU 2 was delayed “until further notice.” The title was stripped of its expected May 29 release date. Now an even bigger blow has landed: it looks like the story has been leaked too.

Early Monday morning, a series of videos ⁠— most of which have already been removed by Sony and Naughty Dog ⁠— revealed key elements from the sequel. Among the leaks were the game’s main menu, and gameplay clips.

A string of plot-heavy cutscenes were also among the uploads. Sony acted quickly, binning the original video. It was too late though; the clips had been revealed. Soon after, reuploads began appearing on Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Ellie and Dina's blossoming relationship features heavily in the Last of Us Part II leaks.
Naughty Dog
Ellie and Dina’s blossoming relationship features heavily in the Last of Us Part II leaks.

Seriously, The Last of Us Part II spoilers ahead

If you want to avoid The Last of Us Part II plot spoilers, read no further. Some of the leaked footage showed a horse-riding cutscene between Ellie and Dina. Another showed a lengthy conversation between Joel and Ellie.

There were a few pretty huge clips too, including one that contains one of the leak’s biggest spoilers ⁠— Ellie and Dina’s blossoming relationship. The two appear to be deep in pillow talk before they’re interrupted by Jesse.

We will give one last spoiler warning. This is the big one. It looks like TLOU fans’ worst fears have been realized. The biggest leak of all is a clip of Ellie finding Joel caught and beaten by bandits. It could well be his rumored death scene.

Another of the Last of Us Part II leaks has major implications for Joel in the long-awaited sequel.
Naughty Dog
Another of TLOU Part II leaks has major implications for Joel in the long-awaited sequel.

The general consensus online is this leak came from a disgruntled employee or an alpha tester. This seems to be confirmed by dev messages and prompts which pop up at irregular intervals. It appears to be a March test build.

There’s no getting around it: this is a big leak. It may not be as big as the Valve source code debacle, but it will certainly be a headache for Sony and Naughty Dog. Let’s hope there aren’t any more major leaks on the horizon.


Valorant devs considering Overwatch-style block teammate feature

Published: 4/Dec/2020 19:50

by Michael Gwilliam


Valorant players hoping for a way to avoid getting certain users on their team may soon have a tool available to them according to Riot Games.

In a recent Ask Valorant article, producer Sara Dadafshar answered a question about whether the team would consider adding a feature to block players so they don’t end up in a queue with them again.

In a team game like Valorant, being able to work with those who fit your playstyle can be a key component. Of course, not everyone works well together and sometimes you could even find yourself with a griefer on your team who intentionally feeds.

According to Dadafshar, the idea was “interesting.”

Valorant Leak Controller Support
Riot Games
Players are asking for a way to block teammates.

“There’s some nuances we’d have to work through to ensure queue times don’t significantly increase, but we understand how frustrating it is when you get matched up with someone who you just reported in the prior match,” she explained.

The more players you have blocked or have blocked you, the longer your queue could potentially become. Plus, with multiple players being blocked, the number of possible team options drastically change.

That said, she isn’t ruling out the possibility of the feature coming to Valorant in a future update.

shooting in Valorant.
Riot Games
Riot isn’t ruling out a block feature.

“We’ll think on this a bit, but know that we are currently working on better detection of disruptive behaviors in hopes of being able to appropriately administer penalties and hopefully lessen the number of players you wouldn’t want to play with to begin with.”

Other games, such as Overwatch, have implemented features for users to avoid queuing with certain players. People can select “avoid as teammate” after a match to keep that person from being on their team for a week.

After seven days, the avoid resets and players can only have three users selected to avoid at any given time.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Valorant, but it’s nice to see that the devs are considering giving fans more control of their experience with the FPS.