Left 4 Dead successor Back 4 Blood left to rot as devs stop support

Zombie variant in Back 4 BloodTurtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood devs Turtle Rock have announced there will be no more updates for the zombie game as they work on another project. 

Turtle Rock Studios, the devs of Back 4 Blood, have today announced there will be no further support for the game going into the future. 

The spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood was developed by some of the very people who worked on the highly influential zombie game. Released in 2021, it was praised for harkening to L4D’s fun co-op shooter modes while innovating its shooting mechanics. 

But fans of the original zombie shooter still had many problems with the game. The reason why L4D has still stayed culturally relevant to this day is, in large part, because of its ease of modding, its relatively long support life, and its dedicated community servers.

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All of which Back 4 Blood lacked, and now, the successor has reached the end of its journey.

In a blog post, Turtle Rock Studios announced they will no longer be releasing any more content or support for Back 4 Blood.

Citing that they are relatively small when it comes to AAA studios, so it would be difficult for them to keep supporting the game down the line as they transition to new projects.

Instead, they have opted to focus solely on creating a new game that is now in the works. It is unclear what sort of game they have in the pipeline, but it likely won’t be a direct sequel to Back 4 Blood given support has now ended. The studio mentioned they will be relatively quiet until they’re ready to announce the next title.

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Back 4 Blood is still available to be purchased, but it will no longer have any future updates or support down the line.