Leaker claims Bloodborne remaster & more games coming to PS5 and PC

From Software

A leaker on YouTube has claimed we’ll be seeing a Bloodborne remaster coming to PS5 and PC, along with a number of other Playstation games that will see PC ports, as well.

Bloodborne is seen as the spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series, and as a result has remained hugely popular ever since it came out in 2015.

Now, according to a YouTube leaker by the name of ‘PC Gaming Inquisition,’ Bloodborne could be getting a remaster and a PC port at some point in the near future.

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Though Gaming Inquisition’s leak didn’t come with any hard proof, they did claim they had trustworthy sources who supplied them with the information.

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“It’s true, Bloodborne Remastered is coming soon to PC and Playstation 5, and is being made by Bluepoint and QLOC (who also worked on Dark Souls Remastered),” GI claimed. “This Bloodborne port is going to feature better textures and models, better loading times, and other quality of life improvements. Don’t expect anything more significant than this: It’s a remaster, not a remake.”

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Though they couldn’t comment on the PS5 version, the PC port had been “actively tested over the last few months on Steam,” according to GI, which would line up with how Horizon Zero Dawn was ported, also to Valve’s popular storefront.

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Despite not sharing any screenshots or video of the remaster, GI was able to give us some information about the new settings that will be available when (and if) it comes out.

“The game was revealed to work at high framerates, I can’t say if FPS will be unlocked in the PC version, but the game is currently running about 60 FPS,” they revealed, and stated that it would support 4K and ultrawide displays, along with a variety of gaming controllers on PC – including Xbox.

PC Gaming Inquisition
Spiderman, Death Stranding, and more games were teased as coming to PC soon, though no official date or timeframe was given.

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Bloodborne wasn’t the only Playstation game that GI hinted would be getting a PC port, either; they showed images of The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, Spiderman and more, but didn’t mention any of the titles specifically, only hinting that more ports were probably coming in the future.

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As we mentioned, there’s no hard proof to back up what Gaming Inquisition claimed to be leaking – but if what they say is true, it’s the best news hardcore From Software fans have had since Dark Souls Remastered came out in 2018.