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Pokimane reveals the most expensive thing she’s ever bought

Published: 5/Jun/2020 20:20

by Virginia Glaze


Streaming star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of Twitch’s most popular personalities, with over 4 million followers — but what luxuries can a top-tier streaming salary actually buy?

Anys is a massive name on Twitch, best known for her hilarious interactions with fans during games of Fortnite and her humorous reactions to random content she comes across online.

During a June stream, Pokimane shared her views on a popular video from YouTube channel Jubilee, titled, “Do All Millionaires Think the Same?” which gathered a group of millionaires to discuss their thoughts on such topics as being self-made, taxation and more.

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Pokimane, Instagram
Pokimane revealed the item she’s spent the most money on during a stream in early June – and her response might not be what fans expect.

One query posed to the group asked if they’d ever spent an outrageous amount of money on something just because they could — leading Pokimane to ask herself the same question.

At first, she wasn’t sure if she’d ever spent huge racks on anything, noting that such big purchases were usually reserved for houses or cars.

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“I’ve never spent $50k, $100k,” she mused. “…I want to think [my] PC, but a PC is like, $3k, $4k? $5k maybe? A trip to Japan is way less than $5k.”

However, the streamer finally settled on a handbag she’d purchased in the past, which she revealed cost nearly as much as her PC.


“I think the most expensive thing I might have purchased would probably be… I won’t lie, at one point, I was looking at some bags,” she admitted. “And I may or may not have a bag that cost about as much as my PC, you know what I’m saying? But never $10k plus! Never five figures.”

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Pokimane isn’t the only high-profile online entertainer to have shared their reaction to Jubilee’s millionaire video; YouTube king PewDiePie likewise expressed his thoughts on the topic, where he notably hit back at viewers who criticize his wealth.


While Anys hasn’t exactly revealed her net worth to fans, the star has confirmed that her net worth “isn’t $2 million” in response to popular Google searches on the topic (although she joked that she wished it was).

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For now, she’s got a nice handbag — and a PC until she reaches that point.