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Is Steam down? Users report Valve servers crash on December 2

Published: 2/Dec/2021 23:54 Updated: 3/Dec/2021 0:46

by Alec Mullins


Are you having trouble connecting to Steam? This page will be kept up-to-date with all of the latest crashes, downtimes, and outages for Valve’s iconic distribution service 

The Steam launcher is a key part of PC gaming and any interruption to the service can certainly throw a wrench in even the best-laid gaming plans.

No matter what game you’re trying to play, the service has to be up and operating for it to happen, and we’ll be keeping a careful eye on the platform’s server status to keep you in the loop in the case of a major outage.


Is Steam down right now?

Steam is online

While users reported outages for a while on December 2, it seems as if things are back to being fully operational.

While 3% of the player base still experiencing issues, Valve has made significant progress towards getting everyone back online and into their games.

How to tell if Steam is offline?

Failed to Connect to Steam screen inside the app
This screen is a good heads-up that the platform might be experiencing issues.

The biggest sign of things being down is the “Could not connect to the Steam network” screen. While this page may also show up in times when your internet is down, it’s also a reliable detector for outages as well.

If problems persist after troubleshooting your own connection, then it’s safe to assume that the problem is on Valve’s end.


What can you do while Steam is unavailable?

You’ll need to have logged in at least once before if you want to take advantage of Offline Mode

Users can still access offline games in times of outages given that they have logged in at least before while connected to the internet. The log-in screen will prompt you to input your credentials and determine whether you’ve met the requirements needed to play.

As long as you meet those basic criteria, you can access any games that you currently have downloaded that don’t require an internet connection to play.