Ironmouse reveals GOTY pick after 150 hours of playtime: “I’ve been obsessed”

Joel Loynds
Ironmouse on Lethal Company Screenshot

In an interview with Dexerto, VTuber Ironmouse has revealed her game of the year, after clocking over 150 hours in the title.

VTuber and now, The Game Awards winner, Ironmouse is on the up. Just a day before her win at the TGAs Dexerto got a chance to catch up with the popular VTuber herself. As the year was winding down, we wanted to know the ultimate question:

What’s Ironmouse’s game of the year?

The answer, if you keep up with her streams, isn’t too surprising. However, in a year where multiple massive releases have come and gone, Ironmouse’s answer might still surprise you.

Ironmouse’s GOTY is a fresh indie darling

Lethal company becomes one of steam's most popular games

“This is the best and worst question you can ask me at this time right now.” She comments, before continuing.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been obsessed with a particular game that I’ve been playing nonstop… Like, the other day, I caught myself playing it for 15 hours on stream.”

She laughs, as she continues to explain: “I feel like it came out so late that like, it’s not really on everybody’s radar, but it’s a game called Lethal Company.”

Lethal Company takes Ironmouse’s Game of the Year

“I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I have over 140-something hours in the game.”

She stops herself, clearly clicking over to Steam to see just how many hours she has poured into the title:

“I think it’s like more than 150 hours now.”

Lethal Company is the new streaming gem. It’s a combination of vagueness, survival horror, and cooperative online play which makes for some incredibly entertaining videos.

“It’s such a good game and it’s by this one developer and, it’s such a great game.”

Ironmouse swoons over the title. Lethal Company has held its position as one of Steam’s best-selling games for about a month. Despite all of the work presumed work that’s yet to come for her in the day, all Ironmouse can think about is playing Lethal Company: “I’m obsessed and, God, I can’t stop, I’m thinking about it right now.”

What does Ironmouse play off-stream?

Ironmouse also shared her off-stream gaming habits with us, as not everything can be seen in front of the camera while she’s streaming: “I love playing visual novels a lot, solo stuff for me.”

She continues: “…The best thing that I love playing when I’m done with streaming, are games with my friends, especially friends that don’t stream.” But, it’s not all multiplayer romps or obscure VNs.

“It’s crazy, I love survival games so much, even though I’m a huge scaredy cat and stuff, but it’s my favorite survival horror, I love it.”

“Yeah, being scared is very thrilling, especially since you know that you’re safe in your house.”

“It’s a controlled fear and it’s an adrenaline rush, it’s fun.” The VTuber concludes.

The VShojo star has also recently announced a collaboration with Razer, in an industry-first collab.