Insiders tease Silent Hill PS5 reboot announcement at The Game Awards

Lisa from Silent HillsKonami

Fans of the Konami classic Silent Hill may finally get their chance to revisit the iconic horror franchise on the PlayStation 5 if some new rumors turn out to be correct.

Talk of a new Silent Hill reboot coming to PS5 first began when business analyst Roberto Serrano posted what he had been hearing to Twitter.

“Rumor,” he began including the emoji of two big eyes. “12.10 The Game Awards – World Premiere. Konami. PS5. Silent Hill.” The Game Awards often features trailers and announcements of major games, so it would be prime reveal territory.

Included in the tweet was a picture of TGA’s logo along with a makeshift Silent Hill poster. “Picture not representative of any official announcement,” he further added.

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While this rumor by itself may not mean too much, another insider in the form of KatharsisT on Resetera also voiced her opinion on whether or not we’ll see an announcement.

“I would expect something if I were you. I think it’s better not to wait until 2021,” she said, suggesting that a reveal would come before the end of the year.

“I’m not saying we will have something during the Game Awards, just that I expect something.”

Resetera Silent Hill leaksResetera
Could we see a new Silent Hill at TGA?

She and Serrano are not the only two to hear rumblings about a Silent Hill reboot either. The website Rely On Horror has claimed that the news “lines up with some information we received a little while back but chose not to report on.”

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KatharsisT went on to state on Resetera that she was not Rely On Horror’s source, but she had heard of extremely similar discussions.

“So we’re at least 3 sources who’ve heard the same thing,” she noted.

Silent Hill leaks on ReseteraResetera
Three people have heard about a Silent Hill reboot.

Of course, take this all with a grain of salt, but having Silent Hill return to form on PlayStation 5 would be amazing, especially as we haven’t gotten anything from the franchise in years.

The last time we had anything playable in the form of Silent Hill, it was with the form of a playable teaser dubbed P.T. for the canceled Silent Hills back in 2014.

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