How to merge fleets in Stellaris

Lauren Bergin

Exploring the spectacular space vistas of Stellaris requires you to have a fleet of battle-ready ships to keep you safe, but it turns out you can make your entourage even bigger by merging them. Here’s how to do it on PC, XBOX and PlayStation.

In order to explore the spectacular space-themed world of Stellaris, ensuring that you manage your resources is key.

While players can avoid the grind using cheat codes to give them free resources, there’s also a really easy way to increase the size of your spacefaring team: by merging fleets.

So, here’s how to merge your fleets in Stellaris on both PC and console.


Stellaris ships in space
Merging fleets in Stellaris is key to exploring the vast wastelands of space.

How to merge fleets in Stellaris: PC

Once you’ve double-checked your fleets are all in order, merging them is a pretty simple task. However, bear in mind that they need to meet up before they can amalgamate, so don’t go attacking hostiles immediately.

In order to merge fleets in Stellaris:

  1. Hold down Shift and highlight the fleets you want to merge.
  2. Select the “Merge” shortcut.
    • This is also bound to “G.”

How to merge fleets in Stellaris: console


Of course, the console method of combining fleets is slightly different. In order to merge fleets on PlayStation, you’ll have to:

  1. Open your Outliner menu.
  2. Use “Square” to select your chosen fleets.
  3. Use “X” to confirm them all.
  4. Go to the “Command” menu, then select “Merge.”


On XBOX, it’s a pretty similar situation:

  1. Open your Outliner menu.
  2. Use “X” to select your chosen fleets.
  3. Use “A” to confirm them all.
  4. Go to the “Command” menu, then select “Merge.”
    • This normally pops up in the bottom left-hand corner.
Stellaris starships going to war
Now that your fleets are prepared, the universe is yours for the taking.

How to split fleets in Stellaris

Accidentally added two fleets together that you weren’t supposed to? Splitting them up is just as easy as bringing them together.

All you need to do is hit the split fleet button, and your fleet will divide into two even halves.


If you’ve followed these steps and your fleets still aren’t merging, you’ll need to check a couple of different things:

  • Command Points Limit: this caps the number of ships you can put in a fleet.
    • Be aware that certain ships are weighted more heavily. For example, a Command Points Limit of 10 may only allow you to have five destroyers, but 10 corvettes.
  • Check the tooltips: Any fleets that are being repaired or upgraded cannot merge.
  • Specialty fleets: If your ships have different kinds of drive systems, they cannot be merged.

So that’s it for merging fleets in Stellaris! It’s an easy thing to miss, but once you’ve mastered it you’ll be able to explore the vast reaches of space in no time.

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