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The easiest way to start wall running in Apex Legends

Published: 31/Jan/2021 19:35

by Bill Cooney


An Apex Legends player has discovered a technique that makes wall running with Octane’s Jump Pad even easier than ever before.

Apex doesn’t allow you to wall run with the ease of Titanfall 2 or Lucio in Overwatch, but it is still possible to cruise around without touching the ground if you know what to do.

Now, it seems the technique has been simplified even more with a new method that’s much easier to pull off than before if you get it down with a little practice on Octane.

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Respawn Entertainment
Octane’s jump pad gives the legend a ton of mobility all around the map.

As shown by Reddit user ‘treereee,’ the first step is placing the jump pad as close as you can to the base of the wall you want to run on. It has to be a straight up and down, perpendicular wall too, slanted or angled ones won’t work.


Next, you jump off the pad and simply hold the right or left strafe key (A or D on PC) and it should stick you to the wall, allowing you to motor around like it’s nothing.

“Do not hold W (forward) whatsoever, just hold sideways, you can go around the entire wall just holding the sideways input,” treereee explained. “If you hold down crouch the entire time, it will guarantee you can get your slide off at the very end.”

Not only does it put you up in an area of the screen a lot of players aren’t used to aiming at, but it also makes you move significantly faster, which just makes you an even harder target to hit.


Jumppad Wallrunning, but you don’t gain any height so you’re stealthy like a ninja. Also This way is like 20x easier to do and understand from Apexrollouts

Once you get the technique down, it’s not hard to see how it would instantly be a major advantage during a fight, which is why a lot of users on Reddit are convinced Respawn will probably patch it out once they finally become aware of it (though they don’t seem to have patched out the original technique yet, either).

If you’re a hardcore Octane player, there’s no reason not to have this little move in your arsenal, as long as Respawn hasn’t removed it, you never know when it could be useful.