How to listen to Hideo Kojima’s new podcast on Spotify

Josh Tyler
Hideo Kojima discusses his partnership with Spotify.

Hideo Kojima interrupts Gamescom to tell players about his upcoming podcast series dropping on Spotify soon.

One of the most iconic game designers ever, Hideo Kojima has influenced many of the brightest minds in gaming.

But Kojima’s insight into game design isn’t the only thing that players are interested in. His opinions on movies, television, books, and pop culture are often heralded by his fans looking for the next piece of content to sink their teeth into.

Now, those fans won’t have to keep refreshing Twitter to see what Kojima is watching or reading.

In a surprise announcement at the Gamescom opening night, Kojima revealed he is working on a new podcast that will be available exclusively on Spotify. Here’s when, where, and how to listen:

How can you listen to Hideo Kojima’s podcast?

Kojima’s podcast will be exclusively available on Spotify, so fans will need to get a Spotify account.

Luckily for those whose Japanese is rusty, Kojima confirmed that the show will be uploaded in both his native language and with a simultaneous English interpretation.

The famed designer confirmed that this podcast was meant not only for Japanese fans, but for his fans across the world.

He also announce that Gamescom host Geoff Keighley’s entertainment industry news section will also become a regular feature and there will be special guests on the episodes.

When does Kojima’s podcast release on Spotify?

The first episode of Hideo Kojima’s podcast will drop on September 8, so fans have plenty of time to get their Spotify account ready.

Fans can click the link on the Gamescom site referenced by Kojima in the video for more information.