How to get Titanfall 2 for free on PS4 in December with PlayStation Plus

Bill Cooney
Respawn Entertainment

Playstation has unveiled the list of free games included in PS Plus for December 2019 – including the criminally underrated Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2 was released in 2016, and even though it wasn’t a huge hit when it launched, a lot of players consider it one of the best sci-fi shooters to come out in recent years.

Its single-player campaign and multiplayer aspects were both praised by fans, and the publisher of Titanfall 2 – Respawn Entertainment – used a lot of the same mechanics in Apex Legends.

Respawn’s Battle Royale is even set in the same universe as Titanfall, so players who want an Apex-style single-player campaign might just want to check it out.

How do we access Playstation Plus games?

To get started playing Titanfall 2 this month, players need to have an active Playstation Plus membership set up.

All PS Plus members need to do is head into the PlayStation store, go to the PS Plus tab, and select what game they want to download and play.

The other game included in PS Plus for December is the first Monster Energy Supercross, which may be the most unintentionally hilarious racing game ever.

Monster Supercross was released in 2018 and it was brought to the attention of the online masses after a Twitch stream by popular gaming YouTuber Angry Joe showcased its beautifully flawed physics.

So, check out Titanfall 2 for all your first-person sci-fi shooting needs this December (until Santa comes through with The Outer Worlds, at least), and maybe try out Monster Supercross for a laugh or two.

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