How to get more Skill Shards in Runescape

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Runescape is an enormous game with a plethora of items to collect on your travels. Skill Shards are highly valuable if you’re after some of the game’s more elusive collectibles, so here’s how you can get them. 

Jagex’s MMORPG Runescape continues to impress legions of dedicated players around the world, no matter which version of the game they’re playing. Be it RuneScape Mobile or Old School Runescape, there is something for everyone and the same goes for collectible items too.

You might be fancying the likes of Skill Capes or the Max Cape across your journey and the easiest way to get the former is by acquiring Skill Shards.


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RuneScape was released back in 2001 and players are still coming back to play every day.

How to get Skill Shards in Runescape

Skill Shards aren’t particularly difficult to acquire in Runescape, but it can be a time-consuming endeavor. To get Skill Shards in Runescape you’ll need to level up any of your skills to the maximum level of 99.

Once you’ve done that there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Using your maxed out skill level with grant random Skill Shard drops
  • The drop rate itself is determined by the number of actions performed, not experience
  • Skill Shards are used to obtain different types of Capes 
  • Skill Shards can be acquired by using any method that produces a Strange Rock

Skill Shards can be stored in the Expert Skillcape Shard Bag too, which is stored in your player-owned home.

How to get Capes in Runescape

After you’ve spent some time honing your skills and grinding for Skill Shards, you’ll have the chance to obtain a Cape. Not sure what Capes are on offer? Here’s a breakdown of each Cape and their required Skill Shards:

  • Gatherer’s Cape: Divination, Farming, Woodcutting, Archaeology. Fishing, Mining, Hunter
  • Support Cape: Agility, Slayer, Thieving, Dungeoneering
  • Artisan’s Cape: Crafting, Construction, Smithing, Cooking, Runecrafting, Fletching, Herblore
  • Combatant’s Cape: Ranged, Attack, Strength, Summoning, Constitution, Prayer, Magic, Defence

You’ll need a complete set of shards to get a specific cape, so do keep that in mind as you decide which you’d prefer to acquire.

And there you have it. Now you’re ready to get grinding for those Skill Shards. Looking for more Runescape guides? Then check these helpful guides out too:

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