Helldivers 2 players think “near impossible” mission could be leading to DLC

Jessica Filby
Helldivers 2 Automaton

Helldivers 2 players are convinced that a recent “near impossible” mission is intentionally challenging and could be leading to one highly anticipated DLC.

For many, Helldivers 2 is far from a walk in the park. After all, destroying a planet in the name of democracy is certainly going to be a challenge, and will require a fair few Stratagems, explosions, and destroyed enemies.

However, there’s one mission that seems to be stumping even the most dedicated and skilled soldiers – the Automaton defense missions. These battles quickly become overwhelming for players and is causing mass frustrations. However, some fans think there’s a key reason for this, an upcoming DLC.

One Helldivers 2 mission could be leading to DLC according to players

Helldivers 2 battle

Sharing their theory on Reddit, one user revealed that “it’s okay that the Automaton defense missions are near impossible” revealing how they think it could lead to a highly anticipated DLC.

“Think about it, we are getting crushed, on the verge of defeat, Hopes light quickly diminishing as the Automatons close in on Super Earth and then… a new message from High Command. New Strategem available to help the war effort. Mechs are added to our Destroyers, and with this new firepower we push them back to the outskirts of the galaxy” added the player, revealing that it could be leading to the arrival of mechs.

Mech aren’t in the game as of yet, but were teased by the devs and are promised to arrive in Helldivers 2 soon, whether that’s part of a DLC or an update.

Players adored the DLC idea and agreed with the poster: “I’m in total agreement. Plus, this is a full-blown invasion. And we are just 4 soldiers. You should be needing pitched battles with hundreds of SEAF soldiers alongside Helldivers to push back such a force.”

While some players agreed with the posters theory and loved the idea, not all were convinced. One user commented that the reason the missions were so tough was that it’s “just bugged.” They went on to explain: “If you look at the timer when selecting the mission, it lists the mission as being 40 minutes long. When you start the mission your timer begins at 15 minutes….So if the game thinks you’re 25 minutes into a 40-minute level, it’ll probably be spawning a LOT of enemies then.”

It’s certainly a great idea and could lead to an upcoming DLC, but currently, aside from hotfixes, there’s no word regarding the release of Mechs – although they could certainly help save the day.