Halo Infinite’s devs address why Forge is online-only after initial backlash

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Halo Infinite’s new Forge mode is already a big success however, the lack of offline gameplay has sparked criticism and forced the devs to explain the reason for this decision.

The Winter Update for Halo Infinite has dropped, serving as the biggest update for the game to date. Network co-op campaigns, Forge, and mission replays are just some of the biggest things to be brought in with the update.

While the Halo community has been loving the new content, one aspect of the new Forge game mode has some players frustrated: the fact Halo Infinite’s Forge can only be played and accessed online, even when building a map solo. The previous game in the franchise, Halo 5, also kept Forge online and was met with a similar negative response.

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As a result, one of Forge’s lead designers tweeted out on the issue, explaining the dev team’s reasoning for making Forge online on.

”We’ve seen a lot of discussion around why Forge relies on an online connection,” began Forge dev Michael Schorr.

Schorr’s tweet then includes an image from Halo’s community feedback page that outlines some of the main reasons for Halo Infinite’s Forge being online only. Overall, it appears that the dev team chose to keep Forge online to help ensure servers and content is protected and safe. It will also make loading up Forge creations easier, and will allow a Forge build to stay active even if the Fireteam leader leaves.

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Since releasing, the Halo community has already been hard at work making some exciting and fresh new maps in Forge. Iconic Halo maps of old are being remade by some, while others are choosing to bring other great gaming locations to life.