Halo Infinite player recreates iconic Blood Gulch map just hours after Forge Beta starts

Halo Infinite Blood Gulch headerTwitter: Epsilon_church_

One Halo player has already created one of the franchises most iconic maps, Blood Gulch, in the newly released Halo Infinite Forge mode.

After months of waiting, Halo Infinite’s Forge mode has finally arrived. The game mode – made available as part of Infinite’s massive Winter Update – brings with it the chance for players to create their own maps, game types, weapon combinations, and more.

And while Forge does give Halo players the opportunity to make new and exciting maps, it also allows them to recreate some of their favorite maps of old. With one Halo player recreating the Combat Evolved Blood Gulch map just hours after the Forge beta went live with the Winter update.

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The re-imagining has been made by a Halo player who goes by Church on Twitter, with the creator sharing their work on the social media platform for others to see.

Blood Gulch is one of the most beloved multiplayer maps in the Halo franchise. It has also featured in Halo 2, Halo: Reach, and The Master Chief Collection under different names. While a simple design, the map’s scale and scope allow for big plays and epic battles, with vehicles a must when trying to take down the opposing team.

How to play Blood Gulch in Halo Infinite

The creator has provided a link for others to join the map and use it to play their own games. And while the main build of the terrain is completed, Church has added that they will be working on “refining weapon spawns and player spawns,” and that these features might be “a bit janky right now”.

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The map build has been named Coagulation in the Forge mode, the same name it is given in Halo 2. When Twitter users asked the creator why he had named it that and not the original, Church responded and said it was disallowed likely due to the word Blood not falling within the naming guidelines.Halo Infinite Forge has just arrived with the game’s Winter Update.

As well as Forge, the update has also finally brought in network campaign co-op as well as mission replay. Make sure you check out our Halo page for all the latest news and game updates.

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