Gotham Knights dev showcases early Harley Quinn boss fight

Philip Trahan
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Gotham Knights game director showcased a boss fight between Nightwing and Harley Queen in Gotham Hospital.

Gotham Knights‘ release date is swiftly approaching and developer WB Games Montreal is showing off what’s in store for DC fans.

Following the reveal of villains like Harley Quinn and Clayface in Gotham Knights, players were eager to see just what these new interpretation of Gotham’s rogues’ gallery was capable of.

Now, WB Games Montreal’s Geoff Ellenor has showcased a presumable early boss fight with Harley Quinn in Gotham Hospital.

Gotham Knights Harley Quinn boss fight

Harlequinn Gotham Knights
This new boss fight shows Harley Quinn outside of her casual attire and donning her signature red and black attire.

The showcase comes by way of an exclusive feature from publication IGN, where Ellenor — Gotham Knight’s Game Director — set the stage for the fight.

According to Ellenor, up until the boss fight players will be pursuing Harley across Gotham Hospital, trying to figure out what she’s up to.

The lead-up to the fight shows Quinn creating an electrified sledgehammer before engaging Nightwing in combat.

During the fight, players get a clear idea of Nightwing’s acrobatic fighting style, which focuses on flashy dodges, kicks, and baton hits.

Additionally, fans get to see more of Nightwing’s freezing abilities, as he uses them multiple times to get the edge of Harley Quinn during their battle.

Harley herself focuses on bombastic swings with her sledgehammer, as well as littering the arena with traps like area-sensitive landmines and electrified debris.

Halfway through the fight, Quinn subs out for a band of followers that players will have to swiftly dispatch before moving onto the second phase.

Interestingly, Nightwing doesn’t whittle down Quinn’s massive health bar completely, hinting that this fight is much longer than originally thought.

Players can look forward to duking it out with Harley Quinn when Gotham Knights releases later this year on October 21, 2022.

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