Gotham Knights: Nightwing Skill Tree explained

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Gotham Knights features different Skill Trees for Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood. You’ll need to master them all to make your Knight a powerful hero. Here is Nightwing’s Skill Tree explained in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights is here and you’ll need a powerful hero to take control back of Gotham City. Over the course of the game, you’ll unlock new suits – but your hero will need some serious upgrades too.

It won’t be long before you discover that each hero has their own Skill Tree, which will grant you several abilities for the heat of battle.

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With four heroes to choose from, Nightwing is an excellent choice. Here’s everything you need to know about Nightwing’s Skill Tree.


Nightwing Skill Tree upgrades

Nightwing can easily become a powerhouse character in Gotham Knights, by implementing a few tweaks.

Nightwing’s Skill Tree, just like Batgirl and the rest of the crew, is split into four different sections: Raptor, Acrobat, Pack Leader, and Knighthood. You’ll also need to grind for Ability Points, which are gained through completing sidequests, crimes, and the story.

Nightwing Raptor Skill Tree

UpgradeRaptor Skill TreeAbility Point Cost
Perfect EvadeNightwing performs a perfectly timed evade that generates Momentum and allows for a Perfect Attack follow-up 1 AP
Critical ExpertiseIncreases Nightwing’s critical damage by 20%1 AP
TrampolineNightwing’s Pounce ability is automatically followed by a high jump on the enemy1 AP
Assassin’s MarkMarks an enemy, increasing Nightwing and his allies’ damage to the foe by 10%2 AP
Precise StrikesIncreases Nightwing’s chance of landing a Critical hit by 10%2 AP
Aerial BounceNightwing bounces off an enemy following an aerial attack to propel himself back into the air. Can be used up to three times in succession2 AP
Critical DistanceHitting an enemy with a melee attack from a large distance increases the critical chance and critical damage by 15%3 AP

Nightwing Acrobat Skill Tree

UpgradeAcrobat Skill TreeAbility Point Cost
Aerial Damage +Increases Nightwing’s aerial attack damage by 20%1 AP
Extra Momentum BarGrants Nightwing an extra Momentum bar 1 AP
Momentum Gain +Increases Nightwing’s Momentum gain by 15%1 AP
Evade ChainNightwing chains evades by performing a quick succession of back jumps3 AP
Haly’s FavoriteCompleting an Evade Chain knocks down all nearby enemies2 AP
Evade Chain MomentumPerforming an evade chain during combat restores a portion of Nightwing’s Momentum2 AP
Mind And BodyUsing Momentum Abilities restores a portion of Nightwing’s health 2 AP

Nightwing Pack Leader Skill Tree

UpgradePack Leader Skill TreeAbility Point Cost
Family TiesIncreases Nightwing’s defence and resistance by 10%. Working with allies also grants him additional bonuses. Batgirl receives +15% melee damage. Red Hood receives +15% ranged damage. Robin receives +15% stealth damage1 AP
Health Bolstered DefenceWhen Nightwing’s health is at least 70%, he gets a 5% defence bonus calling up to +20% at full health1 AP
Momentum RegenNightwing’s Momentum regenerates over time. Regeneration stops after filling one Momentum segment. Gaining any Momentum activates regeneration again. Working with allies increases regeneration speed2 AP
Shared SkillPassive skills increasing damage, critical chance, defence, Momentum regeneration, and ultimate cooldown are shared with allies at 50% of their value2 AP
Elemental Smart DartsNightwing’s darts inflict elemental effect build up on enemies or heal allies overtime2 AP
Elemental Smart Darts +Nightwing’s darts also reduce enemies’ defence by 10% and increase damage inflicted by allies by 5% for 10 seconds2 AP
Revive DartsNightwing’s darts can be used to instantly revive an ally from afar. Maximum 1 per night2 AP

Nightwing Knighthood Skill Tree

UpgradeKnighthood Skill TreeAbility Point Cost
Flying TrapezeNightwing uses his Flying Trapeze to glide through the air. He can also rebound off of walls to gain altitude and speedUnlocked through the Knighthood questline
Triple DartsNightwing shoots three darts at once instead of 11 AP
Strike Distance +Nightwing’s melee attacks can strike enemies from further away1 AP
GuardianDefeating an enemy reduces Nest ability cooldown by 15%1 AP
Combat ExperienceIncreases the number of attacks in Nightwing’s melee combo by 1. The last hit is a knockdown2 AP
Nest Buffs +Nest damage is increased by 150% and the healing effect is increased by 100%3 AP
Bigger NestIncrease the size of Nightwing’s Nest3 AP

And there you have it – that is Nightwing’s Skill Tree explained. For more about the game, be sure to check some other tips and guides:

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