God of War Ragnarok Trophy list: Spoiler-free look at every Trophy in the game

God of War Ragnarok Trophy ListSony

Another major PlayStation release means another Platinum Trophy and God of War Ragnarok is no different. The sequel to 2018’s reboot comes with an expansive Trophy list full of difficult challenges and collectibles to track down, so here’s a full look at what to expect.

Whether you’re a dedicated Trophy hunter or simply a casual gamer looking to extract that little bit of extra value from your favorite games, Trophies help provide hours of fun and often help push you in new directions.

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Whether it’s fighting in a particular way, using certain equipment, or taking on some of the toughest foes, there are plenty of Trophies on offer for players of all skill levels to enjoy in God of War Ragnarok.

So if you’re eager to see the full Trophy list, look no further. Here’s a complete rundown on every Trophy available in God of War Ragnarok.

Although names and locations have been redacted in the following Trophy list for your convenience, certain objectives and titles may ruin the surprise for certain elements. Nothing game-changing is revealed below, but if you’re looking to go in completely blind, we recommend turning back now.

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God of War Ragnarok KratosSony
Ragnarok’s Trophy list is quite similar to that of God of War 2018. A 100% playthrough should get you the Platinum in no time.

Full God of War Ragnarok Trophy list

RarityTrophy NameTrophy Description
The Bear and the WolfCollect all Trophies
The FloristCollect one flower from each of the nine realms
The LibrarianCollect all of the Books
The CuratorCollect all of the Artifacts
How it StartedEquip an Enchantment
Spit ShineUpgrade one piece of armor
Spartan WaysRemember the Spartan teachings
Full BellyObtain all of the Apples of Idunn and Horns of Blood Mead
Knock off the RustPurchase a Skill
A Grizzly EncounterBattle the [Spoiler]
Blood DebtBattle the [Spoiler]
Backyard BrawlBattle the [Spoiler]
Root of the ProblemBattle [Spoiler]
The CauldronDestroy [Spoiler]’s cauldron
Off the LeashBattle [Spoiler]
ComeuppanceBattle [Spoiler]
Better TogetherBattle [Spoiler]
PhalanxObtain all Shields
CollectorObtain all Relics and Sword Hilts
Dragon SlayerCraft the Dragon Scaled Armor Set
How it’s GoingFully repair the Amulet of Yggdrasil
[Spoiler] for a [Spoiler]Attend the [Spoiler]
Rebel LeaderReturn the Hammer of the Rebellion
New FriendsFetch Lunda’s orb
Full GufaFree the Hafgufas
Making AmendsFree the Lyngbakr
It Was a Good DayRetrieve Mardöll
Invasive SpeciesComplete all of the Crater Hunts
BestiesPet Speki and Svanna
Rightful PlaceReturn all of the Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr
Pure of HartReturn the Stags of the Four Seasons
Trials by FireComplete the Trials of Muspelheim
Ready for CommitmentFully upgrade one armor set
RagnarökBattle the [Spoiler]
Grave MistakeBattle [Spoiler]
The True QueenBattle [Spoiler]