10 games we want to see on the Nintendo Switch 2

Jessica Filby
Nintendo Switch 2 games

The Nintendo Switch 2 has finally been confirmed, meaning tons of new titles will be arriving on the upcoming console, but which ones should take priority?

The Nintendo fanbase has been looking forward to a Nintendo Switch 2 for years, with many anticipating its release in 2025. Now Nintendo has announced the new console; many are quick to demand key features, specs, and even games that just have to be remade, rediscovered, or reimagined.

Whether it’s the classic Pokemon titles that feel synonymous with the brand, the unforgettable experiences (and rage) of Mario Kart, or even a few indie titles that have grabbed the hearts of the Nintendo fanbase, some adventures just feel made for the Switch 2.

Our team of Nintendo experts has come together to create a comprehensive list of all the games we want to see on the Nintendo Switch 2 so you, too, can get your hopes up. So, dive in, enjoy, and get ready for some wishful thinking… or is it?

Mother trilogy remakes

Mother Nintendo Switch 2

It’s no secret that the EarthBound/Mother games aren’t high up on Nintendo’s priority list despite the rabid cult following that has built up around them. The years go by, and if we’re lucky, we may get a rerelease of the first two entries.

While Shigesato Itoi has said that he has no intention of making Mother 4, there’s still plenty of scope to remake the original trilogy for the Switch 2 — which is badly needed.

The first Mother has some dreadful gameplay & QoL problems that make it a slog to play, while Mother 3 has some objectionable elements that may be keeping it from being localized.

However, a remake of the three games using the clay-style figures seen in their strategy guides would be incredible to see and could give this trilogy a chance to win over a more mainstream audience.

Words by Scott Baird

Xenoblade Chronicles X sequel

Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Switch 2

2015’s Xenoblade Chronicles X is a unique entry in the now well-established Nintendo franchise. But, instead of relying on the trappings of a traditional Japanese RPG, the game instead employs a structure more similar to that of Phantasy Star Online, with your silent protagonist slowly mastering the unforgiving and expansive planet of Mira.

The world is the star of the show here, continuing to unfurl and build in complexity as you approach the hundred-hour mark. This is thanks to Skells, giant mechs that allow you to reach previously inaccessible areas, which introduces a level of verticality to the world that unlocks new dimensions to exploration.

With Xenoblade Chronicles X trapped on the Wii U, and with the series seemingly continuing with its numbered entries, the Switch 2 could remaster the original title or introduce a direct sequel, with the new power of Nintendo’s upcoming console to develop a gorgeously expansive world to explore once again. Come on, Nintendo and Monolith Soft, I just want to get stuck on a different planet.

Words by Sayem Ahmed



Sable could be the perfect game for the Switch 2. Shedworks’ pastel-palleted post-apocalyptic platformer is not just a beautiful title; it’s an evocative game that uses its carefully curated design choices to make a richly detailed world. 

When it was first announced, the trailers had many fans pointing out similarities to Breath of the Wild, with an adventure set over a vast open space and that painterly art style that fans know and love. 

But Sable sets itself apart with an almost nihilistic depiction of a world so far gone that all that is left of the world and technology are myths and mangled remnants of a world once full of life. 

After playing through the title on PS5, it feels like it would be a great Switch game. The world of Sable deserves to be presented without compromise and with all of its assets entirely intact. This is one game that deserves to be on the Nintendo Switch 2, and eventually, fans will be thankful they waited. 

Words by Nathan Ellingsworth

Mario Kart 9

Mario Kart Nintendo Switch 2

The safest bet for the Switch 2 is the next entry in the Mario Kart series. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was a port of a Wii U game and still managed to become the best-selling game on the console by a wide margin.

But where does Mario Kart go from here? We’ve had gliders, twin riders, and underwater karts. The next iteration is something that was already touched on in the last game, and it involves other Nintendo franchises.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe featured characters from Animal Crossing, Splatoon, and The Legend of Zelda series. The time has come to turn the series into the racing Smash Bros. It was always meant to be, bringing in Samus, Star Fox, Pikachu, Pit, Kirby, Captain Falcon, and Olimar, along with all of their stages.

(Just keep Sakurai away from it. Otherwise, we’ll end up with Fire Emblem Kart instead.)

Words by Scott Baird

Tokyo Xanadu 2

tokyo xanadu

The original Tokyo Xanadu from Nihon Falcom is the perfect JRPG for fans of the Persona franchise. During the game, you take control of high-schooler Kou, who is quickly sucked into a mystery involving an eerie Nightmare Realm known as the Eclipse that he and his school friends have to prevent from taking over Tokyo.

Your time’s split between dungeon crawling and free exploration, where you can spend time with fellow party members. What sets it apart from Persona, however, is its real-time action combat, with each character having unique skills that make fighting through enemies an absolute blast.

The definitive edition of Tokyo Xanadu is coming to Switch this summer, and with a new project now confirmed, We’d love to see the next installment in this underrated series land on Switch 2. The gameplay loop is perfect to pick up and play on the go and spend hours immersed on a big screen.

Words by Tyler Constable

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Pokemon Dungeon Nintendo Switch 2

Of all the Pokemon spin-offs, the Mystery Dungeon games are arguably the most memorable. There will undoubtedly be one or two Pokemon titles gracing the new Switch console, and at least one of them should be a new Mystery Dungeon title.

Mystery Dungeon places you in the shoes of a Pokemon instead of a Trainer — throwing increasingly tricky, randomly-generated dungeons at players. The artwork is always whimsical, and the stories always show a slice of life in the Pokemon world. What’s not to love? 

We haven’t had a new Mystery Dungeon game since 2020, but before this, they were getting released fairly regularly across consoles like the DS and GameBoy Advance. The Pokemon community is long overdue a new MD title — and the Switch 2 would be the ideal time to introduce it.

Mystery Dungeon games aren’t photorealistic by any means, but we could see some intriguing new dungeons and zones to explore in a new title, thanks to the Switch 2’s upgraded internals.

Even a tie-in to a new Region or world could be incredible. Could a new Mystery Dungeon game explore locations like Lumiose City from X & Y and Legends Z-A perhaps? Tying the title into fan-favorite areas would be a genius move for the Switch 2.

Words by Em Stonham

Astral Chain 2 

Astral Chain

A futuristic action game with a detective-style twist, Astral Chain has a police officer called Akira battling monsters across different dimensions, all with a friendly monster called a Legion tied to their side.

It’s wild and wacky, and thanks to that PlatinumGames pedigree, it remains one of the most satisfying and smooth combats on the Nintendo Switch. Plus, it’s drop-dead gorgeous, with some richly populated cities and huge snarling beasts to battle at every corner. 

So, with any luck, a sequel is already in the works for Nintendo Switch 2 and is ready to show once again why PlatinumGames are masters of visual design and consistent performance, crafting astonishing graphical prowess even from the relatively modest specs of the Nintendo Switch. 

Hopefully, any prospective improvements to hardware mean that PlatinumGames has a bit more computational real estate to bring Astral Chain back with a bigger world and even grander ambition. 

Of course, the gameplay is key with this title, and anything below 60 FPS would be a disappointment, but given the smartly compacted worlds of the original and the way the satisfying detective gameplay reused the city maps, PlatinumGames could make a truly gorgeous sequel if given the chance. 

Words by Nathan Ellingsworth

The Legend of Zelda

Zelda Nintendo Switch 2

The Legend of Zelda series has become almost synonymous with the Nintendo Switch thanks to the phenomenal success of Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. It stands to reason that a Zelda title should be in the Switch 2 launch library. Considering how long Tears of the Kingdom took to develop, a new title is unlikely. 

Nintendo should look to those games that are still trapped on the Wii U, namely, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. 

Though the Wii U versions are not massive upgrades compared to the original iterations on GameCube, they nonetheless bring these two classic experiences into HD for players to enjoy in higher quality. Wind Waker particularly benefits from the HD remaster, thanks to its clean-edge cell-shaded style looking great at higher resolutions. 

Bringing Wind Waker and Twilight Princess to Switch 2 would allow more people to enjoy these titles with quality-of-life improvements, such as the ability to shift into wolf form at the touch of a button, which was introduced in the WiiU version of Twilight Princess. 

An updated version of Twilight Princess would also give the Switch 2 a chance to show off its graphical improvements and make use of the Nvidia DLSS tools provided by the rumored new hardware. 

Words by Rebecca Hills-Duty

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch

If you ask a Switch player to name a cozy game on the console, chances are that the first title they’ll come up with is Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The adorable simulation game developed an immense cult following on the Switch when it came out in 2020, adding to the already immense Animal Crossing fandom. What better way to kick off a new era of Switch games than with a brand new adventure in this world?

It would be incredible to see an Animal Crossing game that took place in a new environment that the franchise hasn’t seen before. Could we see an underwater metropolis? A celestial city in space? Something wild and adventurous but still cute and aesthetically pleasing would be an exceptional way to celebrate the new console. 

Even a rework of Animal Crossing: New Horizons could also be enjoyable on the Switch 2, providing it came with some new content or villagers. The game was immensely fun to play when it came out, but it hasn’t received many new updates since, so a port with additional content or even DLC could be a dream come true. 

The Switch 2 could also be a solid opportunity to introduce new villagers to the franchise. The community certainly has their favorites already, but a brand new game on a shiny new console could be perfect for introducing even more cute characters.

Words by Em Stonham

Professor Layton and the New World of Steam

Professor Layton Nintendo Switch 2

We already know a new Professor Layton is coming to the Switch in the form of Professor Layton and the New World of Steam — but it’s undeniably worth the developers waiting and getting it ready for the Nintendo Switch 2.

Enhanced graphics, a higher-quality soundtrack, and all the themes of Professor Layton would perfectly complement a Switch 2. Perhaps it will be released along with the Switch 2, meaning players can get a more rustic or steam-punk-themed Switch design. While it’s certainly unlikely, considering the popularity of other key Nintendo games, it would still be an amazing release.

The Switch 2 could be the perfect opportunity for Professor Layton to truly get the comeback the series deserves, linking right back to the classic characters on a brand-new console. Perhaps the new console will come with alternative features to create new puzzles? Either way, It certainly makes sense that we’ll see Professor Layton coming to the Switch 2, and we couldn’t be happier.

Words by Jessica Filby

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