FormaL bashes “horrible” Warzone 2 gameplay after first look

formal wz2Dexerto/Activision

CoD legend Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper shared his early impression of Warzone 2 and was less than impressed.

In August, we ranked Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper as the sixth-best CoD player in history. He played an integral role in OpTic’s dynasty run and is considered one of the greatest AR players. FormaL retired from CoD in 2021, returning to his roots as a Halo player.

The esports icon transitioned seamlessly, helping lead OpTic to an HCS Orlando Major title in September. Possibly better than most, he knows the ins and outs of what makes a good FPS title.

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After watching the Warzone 2 premiere at CoD next, FormaL does not have high expectations for the battle royale sequel.

warzone 2 speedboatActivision
Warzone 2 releases on November 16 on all platforms.

FormaL blasts Warzone 2 gameplay premiere

Warzone 2 is built from the ground up using an entirely new engine. Some of the most significant changes include swimming, AI-controlled enemies, a new gulag, and a new map.

Over 100 content creators gave us a first glimpse at gameplay, streaming from CoD Next on September 15.

During the OpTic Podcast on October 14, FormaL said, “I thought the Warzone 2 premiere was fu**ing a**. I was watching, and I was like, ‘This looks horrible!”

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“It looked so sh*t. I can not be the only one that thought that. It did not look fun at all.”

FormaL cited the plate system, bots, and the map looking like “sh*t” as main grievances with the game.

OpTic Gaming’s Seth, ‘Scump’ Abner, responded, “I didn’t think it looked great either, but they did say it was alpha or pre-alpha.”

Scump continued, “I hope Warzone does well because if Warzone sh**ts the bed, then what does CoD have? People don’t play CoD multiplayer anymore.”

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Warzone 2 officially launches on November 16, so it is tough to gauge any opinions on the game until we finally get our hands on it officially.

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