For The King II: How to unlock all characters

Jessica Filby
For The King II characters

For The King II has a nice variety of characters you can unlock to add to your party. So, here’s exactly how to obtain all the characters in the game.

Inspired by classic TTRPGs, For The King II would be nothing without its variety of classes. After all, you don’t always want to hit like a Blacksmith or shoot like a Hunter. Sometimes you want to heal or support the party.

However, being able to create the character you really want can be a little tricky, especially since not all of them are instantly unlocked in the game. So, to help you get hold of every class in FTKII, here’s a handy guide on how to unlock them all.

How to unlock all classes in For The King II

For The King II
There are tons of exciting characters to play in For The King II, but you may need to unlock your favorite.

Altogether there are 12 classes to unlock in For The King II. Some can be made available from the moment you get into the game, while others will take a little longer to get hold of. So, here’s how to unlock all the classes in For The King II.

CharacterHow to unlock
AlchemistFind the Lost Prison Cart in chapter one.
BlacksmithUnlocked from the beginning.
FarmerComplete chapter one.
FriarComplete chapter two.
HerbalistUnlocked from the beginning.
HoboFind the cart in chapter three.
HunterUnlocked from the beginning.
PathfinderComplete chapter one.
ScholarUnlocked from the beginning.
ShepherdComplete chapter two.
StablehandUnlocked from the beginning.
WoodcutterFind the cart in chapter two.

So, there you have it. That’s how to unlock all the classes in For The King II. While working through the game to grab your chosen character, why not check out what we thought of For The King II or discover whether it has crossplay?