Does For The King II have crossplay?

Jessica Filby
For The King II

For The King II is a multiplayer game at heart, but can you play the game with friends on other consoles? Here’s everything we know about For The King’s crossplay capabilities.

Just like its predecessor, For The King II has both single-player and co-op capabilities, meaning you can log on and save Fahrul from its unfortunate fate with friends, or tackle the fights on your own, controlling the rest of the party yourself. Despite this, it’s undeniable that FTKII is a multiplayer title at heart, with many of its gameplay leaning more towards collaborative battles and exploration.

So, with multiplayer being a possibility, and for many, a priority for this turn-based TTRPG-inspired title, it’s not uncommon to wonder if For The King II has crossplay capabilities. So with that in mind, here’s everything we know.

Does For The King II have crossplay?

For The King II crossplay
With For The King II only being available on PC at the moment, crossplay is unavailable.

Unfortunately, For The King II does not currently have crossplay capabilities. With For The King II only being released on PC at the moment, crossplay is not available.

However, thanks to the FAQs for the game, we do know that console compatibility is coming in 2024, and that the developers are thinking of implementing: “We’re currently not too sure about crossplay/cross-progression, but it’s definitely something we’re discussing internally and would love to make a reality at the console launch.”

If crossplay is added to the game, we will be updating this article, so be sure to check back soon for more information.

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