Fans boycott PlayStation following Sony’s Spider-Man controversy - Dexerto

Fans boycott PlayStation following Sony’s Spider-Man controversy

Published: 23/Aug/2019 23:03 Updated: 24/Aug/2019 0:56

by Meg Bethany Koepp


The fate of Spider-Man hangs in the balance after Sony and Disney refused to strike a deal over the character on August 22, and now gamers are boycotting PlayStation in an effort to hurt its parent company.

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Sony and Disney couldn’t come to an agreement regarding the infamous superhero Spider-Man, meaning he will be absent from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) going forward unless something changes in the future.

Fans are angry at Sony for the deal falling through, and some players are now claiming they’ll be boycotting PlayStation altogether in an effort to hurt the company and make a stand.


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Fans are boycotting PlayStation

While PlayStation 4 was home to the wildly-popular (and exclusive!) Marvel’s Spider-Man game that released in September of last year, some fans no longer want to support the console after Sony’s deal with Disney fell flat.

The company announced the acquisition of the game’s developer Insomniac Games on August 19, but it seems as though it could be the last Spider-Man title some players support, even if more are made.

If there are future games in the works starring the superhero, it’s doubtful that they’ll feature any of the costumes from the movies – unless the two companies can reach a deal at some point in time.


Marvel / Insomniac GamesSony announced it bought Insomniac Games on August 19.
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Fans were not happy about the failed deal though, and vowed to boycott PlayStation completely going forward in a bid to hurt Sony’s finances.

“Xbox is officially better than PlayStation because they’re not taking Spider-Man away from the MCU. Boycott Sony. Boycott PS4. Someone play NHL with me on xbox” Twitter user ‘wow_philly’ said angrily.

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Instagram user ‘dekudevon711’ tried to rally their followers to accompany them into snubbing Sony, and said that if enough people join, it would surely make the company change its mind.

“Stop! If you have a play station game or Sony movie that your about to buy or rent don’t do it! Spider-man is being removed from the MCU (the marvel Cinematic Universe or the one with the avengers) so if we boycott this, this will be the Wii U of SONY and they would be forced into not ending this fun and amazing franchise!!! Tell your friends and family and repost this and we can do something!!! We are with you Disney!!!” they said, alongside a photo of Spider-Man.


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Another Twitter user ‘iamjaybofficial’ aired their outrage, claiming that the superhero’s removal from the MCU was childish and a “d*ck move”.

“Sony taking spiderman from the MCU is a childish and dick move cus they never did a good job with the character pls bring back our spidey or else will boycott all Sony’s upcoming movies and also stop playing Playstation #BringBackSpidey #MarvelStudios #sonyiscancelled,” they tweeted.

It is unclear at the time of publication whether Sony and Disney will be able to strike some form of deal in the future regarding Spider-Man’s involvement in the MCU.