Everything we know about the next Guild Wars 2 expansion

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ArenaNet have announced that Guild Wars 2 will receive another expansion following the success of End of Dragons, so here’s everything we know about it so far.

Following the release of Guild Wars 2’s highly anticipated expansion, End of Dragons, players have finally been able to dive into the Jade-tinted world of Cantha, a Wakanda-esque utopia hidden away from mainland Tyria.

Defined by its forward-thinking outlook, ArenaNet have decided to channel the realm’s futuristic vision and are already exploring the potential avenues their iconic franchise will take in the future.

As the sun sets on the emerald isle of Cantha, where will we see Guild Wars 2 go next? ArenaNet have provided us some answers.


guild wars 2 end of dragons cover art
End of Dragons has added Cantha back into Tyria’s playable universe; but where is next?

Will there be another Guild Wars 2 expansion?

In their March 22 blog post, ArenaNet confirmed that we will be getting a fourth Guild Wars 2 expansion. 

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Writing that “we’re happy to confirm that there will be a fourth expansion for Guild Wars 2,” it’s clear that End of Dragons’ success has inspired the devs to add yet another chapter to the game’s ongoing Dragon Cycle saga.

guild wars 2 cantha
The Guild Wars 2 story has another installment in the works; but will it be set amid the cherry blossoms of Cantha?

Is there a release date for Guild Wars 2’s fourth expansion?

While there’s confirmation that a new expansion is coming, the devs have warned that we’ll be waiting quite a while – especially given their extensive roadmap for End of Dragons’ upcoming content.

“We mean it when we say we’re focused on the long-term,” they highlight. “This is a very early confirmation (the earliest we’ve ever done this, in fact), so don’t expect news anytime soon.”

Concluding that “expansions take a very long time to develop. Plus, there are plenty of cool things to look forward to between now and then,” the next installment in the Guild Wars 2 story may be a while away, but at least we can ponder away to our heart’s content about its contents.

So that’s everything we know about the next Guild Wars 2 expansion, the fourth chapter in the game’s classic tale.

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