Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons fishing guide: How to catch fish & use Skiffs

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Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons introduces the fishing and Skiff riding mastery trees into the game, but just how do you go about exploring Tyria’s vast oceans? Here’s a rundown of how to fish in GW2.

Accompanying the vast Asian-inspired vistas of Guild Wars 2 End of Dragon‘s Cantha are a whole slew of new features that players can dive into – in some cases literally.

While you can zip around the city streets of New Kaineng City using the all-new Jade Bot mastery tree, some players may be more drawn to the quieter life of fishing and Skiff riding.

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Playing an integral part in the game‘s storyline, as well as its progression system, here’s a breakdown of how to fish and use Skiffs in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons so that you can tame Tyria’s vast seas.


guild wars 2 end of dragons player fishing on a skiffArenaNet
Fishing in the crystalline waters of Cantha is a pretty nice way to chill out and take in the sights.

Fishing in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons

Right from the get-go you’ll be tasked with catching a fish for Aurene, your hero’s elder dragon friend who, unfortunately, is struggling to regain her magic. While this is the game’s introduction to fishing, you’ll also need to use it throughout your End of Dragons journey.

In order to fish:

  1. Approach a body of water
    • Ripples will sometimes appear on the surface, denoting a special fishing spot
  2. Click ‘J
  3. Use ‘1‘ to cast your line
  4. Wait until ripples appear around the bobber
  5. Press ‘1‘ again
  6. An action bar will appear on the screen. Ensure that your bar is within the glowing area by using ‘2‘ and ‘3‘ to move it left and right respectively.
  7. Pass this skill check, you’ll catch the fish!

How to get & use Skiffs in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons

As you can imagine, Skiffs and fishing go hand in hand, but you’ll only be able to acquire a Skiff a little later in the game.

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You’ll get your Skiff by completing The Scenic Route quest (specifically the Assist the Temple in its Defense subquest) just before you head across to the emerald world of New Kaineng City. You can buy your Skiff from Hall Director Soohee at Shinota Shore.

To use your Skiff:

  1. Right-click on the Mastery section of your action bar (shown in the image below)
  2. Select ‘Skiff
  3. Place your Skiff on a body of water
  4. Jump in and use ‘F‘ (or whatever keybind you have assigned) to interact
  5. Control the boat’s speed using ‘1’ and ‘2’ (1 is slow, 2 is moderate speed)
    • As you level up the Skiff Mastery tree you’ll be able to increase the boat’s speed, but as a base, you can only reach moderate speed
  6. If you find an area you like, use ‘0‘ to drop anchor
    • You must anchor your boat in order to fish or move around

guild wars 2 end of dragons skiffs

How to equip fishing rod and Skiff skins

As you journey through the expansive world of Cantha, you can acquire a whole host of skins for both your fishing rod and Skiff.

These are equipped via the ‘Hero‘ panel (keybound to ‘H‘) under the ‘Fishing’ and ‘Skiff’ tabs in the ‘Wardrobe‘ section.

So that’s everything you need to know about the fishing and skiff mastery trees in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons. Looking for our take on the new expansion? Be sure to check out our End of Dragons review.

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