What are Jade Bots in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons? Power Core, Modules & more

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Jade Bots are an all-new Jade Tech Mastery Track in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons, but just what do can these adorable little creatures do for you? Here’s a rundown of their Modules and Power Cores

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons introduces players to the fresh yet somewhat familiar realm of Cantha, Tyria’s reclusive home of innovation.

Packed to bursting with all-new Jade-powered technology, fans will be able to harness the power of these glowing green stones to summon the multiplayer Siege Turtle combat mount, as well as Jade Bots, the game‘s all new customizable companion.

The latter are a somewhat mysterious addition, offering more than just a pet to travel alongside you. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about Jade Bots in Guild Wars 2; from how to get one to their Modules and Power Core options.

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Jade Bots aren’t just adorable, they’re an integral part of your End of Dragons journey.

What are Jade Bots in Guild Wars 2

Jade Bots are a new form of companion that players can level up and customize using different Power Cores and Modules. Players can fit their Bot with one Power Core and two Modules.

Aside from their direct uses in the Mastery tree, Jade Bots can also be used to solve puzzles, as well as provide panoramic views like miniature drones.

How to get a Jade Bot in Guild Wars 2

In order to get yourself one of these cheeky little critters, you’ll have to make your way to New Kaineng City, the emerald in Cantha’s crown. After defeating a few rogue Jade Tech machines, Yao will give you your very own Jade Bot – but it’s broken.

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In order to fix it, visit the Garden Heights location and complete the ‘The Future in Jade’ subquest to obtain your very own high-flying mech.

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Literally just look at him!

Guild Wars 2 Jade Bot Power Cores

As we mentioned before, the allure of the Jade Bot is the fact that you can kit them out with a vast array of different Power Cores and Modules to suit your playstyle.

Power Cores are a must have for avid Jade Tech enthusiasts. Different cores not only upgrade your Bot and provide it with more functions, but also increase your character’s vitality.

Cores and modules can be bought from the merchant just next to the Jade Bot workbench in Garden Heights, and you can kit out your little buddy to your heart’s content.

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Guild Wars 2 Jade Bot Modules

While Power Cores are the heart and soul of your Jade Bot, Modules add an extra layer of customization to tailor them to your specific needs.

There are currently four different Modules on offer, each costing more XP and Points as you level through the Mastery system. While we don’t currently have specific numbers, we’ve included a list of the different Modules and what the do below:

Mastery Level Module Description
1 Gliding Booster Players can get their Jade Bot to lift them while it glides (effectively a flying mount)
2 Multicharge Increases the amount of charges your Jade Bot can carry to four
3 Jade Tech Waypoint Allows you to drop a waypoint anywhere in the open world to return to
4 Energy Efficiency Increases the charges your Bot can hold, as well as allows you to gain charges while using zip lines. Players can also claim two charges from one battery
5 Rescue Protocol Provides a combat rez for downed players

So that’s everything you need to know about Jade Bots in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons. Looking to brush up on your GW2 knowledge before the new expansion? Be sure to check out our other guides:

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