ESO’s new Arcanist class shakes up meta with D&D-style Crux system

Arcanist CruxZenimax

An interview with The Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director, Rich Lambert has revealed a new Crux system coming to the new Arcanist class, which allows players to alter their abilities according to the situation at hand.

The announcement of the Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom chapter has introduced a brand new class, focused on knowledge, magic, and adaptability. The Arcanist will soon be joining the six available classes, and with its arrival will be a brand new Crux system, which operates like the popular Dungeons and Dragons Sorcerer class.

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We sat down with Rich Lambert to discuss the upcoming class and what it will bring to the extremely popular MMO upon its Necrom release.

ESO Arcanist class shakes up meta with D&D Sorcerer-style Crux system

The Elder Scrolls Online ArcanistZenimax

As revealed during the Developer Direct event and through Rich Lambert, Crux is essentially the Arcanists’ “combo points system” that serves to provide players with a “wide-ranging toolkit” to allow them the chance to adapt their spells on the fly, changing abilities when needed and aiding the party when necessary.

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Feeling much like the Dungeons and Dragons Sorcery points, in which characters are given a set amount of points to spend on altering their spells, often changing the damage type, casting more than once, or increasing their effectiveness — Crux is a new system promoting adaptability and mastery through an earned points system.

During our interview with Elder Scrolls Online’s Rich Lambert, he explained how Crux essentially “allows abilities to change on the fly” often being given the chance to “do more damage or more healing if you spend Crux on them.”

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It seems Crux will be an Arcanist-only focus in the game and will introduce a new element within this new magic class. However, he went on to state how the new class will be inclusive for everyone, explaining it’s great “for those that really want to dig in and get into the mastery of the class,” but that the Arcanist is all about knowledge, learning, and developing skills, much like the D&D Sorcerer.