Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom – Release date, new class, region & more

Elder Scrolls Online Necrom expansionZenimax

Elder Scrolls Online has revealed its latest expansion, complete with new locations, classes, and storylines. Here’s everything we know about The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom including its release date and all the new features.

Thanks to the reveal during Xbox’s Developer Direct, Elder Scrolls Online fans now have a brand new expansion to look forward to in the form of Necrom. Along with the reveal, plenty of new features were also announced for the popular MMO, leaving many players excited for Elder Scrolls Online in 2023.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled everything we currently know about Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom including its release date, trailer, features, and where the expansion will take place.

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The Elder Scrolls Online NecromZenimax
Necrom will bring in a new Daedric prince to the MMO game.

Does The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom have a release date?

Yes. The new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online will be releasing to PC players on June 5, 2023, and to Xbox and PlayStation players on June 20, 2023.

Fans awaiting the new chapter will not need to wait too long until they get to explore a new class, location, and main story in this popular MMO.

Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom global reveal trailer

The expansion was revealed during Xbox’s Developer Direct on January 25, 2023. It contained a deep dive into all players can expect upon its release. You can watch it below:

Where is The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom set?

The Elder Scrolls Online Necrom Chapter will be set in the Telvanni Peninsula inside the City of Necrom, in the Daedric realm of Apocrypha.

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Apocrypha features an Endless Library, beautiful scenes filled with touring mushrooms, and some mysterious secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom new class

Elder Scrolls Online Arcanist classZenimax
The Arcanist is the newest class being added in the Necrom chapter.

For the first time since 2019, The Elder Scroll Online will be introducing a new class, otherwise known as the Arcanish.

As described on the games website, the Arcanist is “a powerful new class capable of destructive, restorative, or defensive magic by channeling arcane energies, ancient runes, and lot tomes of power” proving this magic-based class will be extremely versatile and undoubtedly powerful.

Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom storyline

Essentially, the Necrom expansion is all about the Daedric Prince of Knowledge, Hermaeus Mora, as predicted by a letter sent to Elder Scrolls Online fans.

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Unmatched powers are threatening everything Hermaeus Mora stands for by attempting to uncover his secrets. In doing so, the consequences could unravel all of reality.

It’s up to you to work with the Prince and seek out the knowledge deep within the City of the Dead to uncover a vast conspiracy threatening to destroy everything around you.

Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom new features

Elder Scrolls Online new trialZenimax
The new trial will test your wits and your power.

Along with a new class, location, and storyline, the next Elder Scrolls Online chapter will introduce some new features for players to enjoy.

Two new companions

Necrom will introduce two new companions to join players on their journey through Tamriel. The first is a Redguard Arcanist named Azandar Al-Cybiades and the second is an Argonian Warden who goes by Sharp-as-Night.

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You’ll be able to gain their favor, unlock unique quests, and have them help you across Tamriel and though the new storyline.

Added trial

No Elder Scrolls Online expansion would be complete without a challenging trial for players and their friends or guild to take part in.

Necrom will be adding a 12-player trial names Sanity’s Edge, with players heading into the mind of a tormented Mages Guild recruit to save their life, and gain some great rewards.

Oblivion Raids World Event

In the same way that no expansion is complete without a trial, every new chapter must have an exciting World Event for players to complete.

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The Necrom World Event will be in the form of Oblivion Raids wherein players will have to open a protal to Oblicion and defend the Prince of Knowledge from evil Daedric forces.

That’s all we currently know about the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Necrom expansion. While waiting for the new content to release, take a look at some of our other handy Elder Scrolls Online content and guides:

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