WoW: The War Within Spellslinger Mage Hero Talents guide

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Blizzard continues to reveal the new Hero Talent trees arriving in World of Warcraft: The War Within. As part of that, the Spellslinger Mage has been detailed after the Frostfire Mage debuted earlier this year.

Hero Talents are a new system designed to augment the existing talents with further options for viability and customization. These are tied to specializations in the same way, offering passive effects and active abilities that should mean even players using the same spec can have a different experience.

This will undoubtedly be a difficult balancing act for the developer but if they can pull it off, then it could be a breath of fresh air in WoW’s more difficult activities. Each class has three Hero Talent trees in total, with players able to choose between two depending on their spec.

Here’s everything we know about the Spellslinger Mage at this early stage.

Spellslinger Mage full Hero Talent tree explained

All of the currently revealed Hero Talent trees follow the same format. A Keystone Talent sets the direction for the tree overall and a Capstone Talent serves as its culmination. In between, there are three rows of talents for players to choose from and it’s there that the specifics can be drilled down into. The full list of Hero Talents on offer to the Spellslinger Mage are as follows:

Spellslinger Mage Keystone Hero Talent

Splintering Sorcery: When you consume Nether Precision (Arcane) or Winter’s Chill (Frost), conjure a Splinter that fires at your target.

  • Splinter: Conjure raw magic into a sharp projectile that deals damage. Splinters embed themselves into their target, dealing additional damage over 16 seconds. This effect stacks.

Spellslinger Mage first-row Hero Talents

Augury Abounds: Casting Arcane Surge (Arcane) or Icy Veins (Frost) conjures 8 Splinters. During Arcane Surge (Arcane) and Icy Veins (Frost), whenever you conjure a Splinter, you have a 100% chance to conjure an additional Splinter.

Controlled Instincts: While a target is under the effects of Nether Tempest (Arcane) or Winter’s Chill (Frost), 20% of the direct damage dealt by a Splinter is also dealt to nearby enemies. Damage reduced beyond 5 targets. (Arcane) Direct damage from Arcane Splinters resets the duration of Nether Tempest.

Splintering Orbs: The first 8 times an enemy is damaged by your Arcane Orb (Arcane) or Frozen Orb [Frost], conjure a Splinter that fires at the damaged target. Arcane Orb (Arcane) and Frozen Orb (Frost) damage is increased by 10%.

Spellslinger Mage second-row Hero Talents

Choice Node: Slippery Slinging and Look Again.

  • Slippery Slinging: You have 40% increased movement speed during Alter Time.
  • Look Again: Displacement has a 50% longer duration, 25% longer range, and leaves behind a Mirror Image.

Choice Node: Reactive Barrier and Phantasmal Image.

  • Reactive Barrier: Your Prismatic Barrier (Arcane) and Ice Barrier (Frost) can absorb up to 50% more damage based on your missing Health. Max effectiveness when under 50% health.
  • Phantasmal Image: Your Mirror Image summons one extra clone. Mirror Image now reduces all damage taken by an additional 5%.

Choice Node: Volatile Magic and Unerring Proficiency.

  • Volatile Magic: Whenever a Splinter is removed or recalled, it explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets.
  • Unerring Proficiency: Each time you conjure a Splinter, increase the damage of your next Supernova by 18% (Arcane) or Ice Nova by 6% (Frost). Stacks up to 30 times.

Spellslinger Mage third-row Hero Talents

Shifting Shards: Shifting Power fires a barrage of 8 Splinters at random enemies within 40 yards over its duration.

Spellfrost Teachings: Direct damage from a Splinter has a 5% chance to summon an Arcane Echo (Arcane) or Icy Comet (Frost) that deals damage to all nearby enemies and increases the damage enemies take from you for by 6% for 6 seconds.

Force of Will: Gain 2% increased critical strike chance. Gain 5% increased critical strike damage.

Spellslinger Mage Capstone Hero Talent

Splinterstorm: Whenever you have 8 or more active Embedded Splinters, you automatically cast a Splinterstorm at your target.

  • Splinterstorm: Recall all Embedded Splinters to you, dealing their remaining periodic damage instantly. After a brief delay, unleash a devastating barrage of Splinters, dealing damage to your target for each Splinter in the SplinterstormSplinterstorm grants you Clearcasting (Arcane) or applies Winter’s Chill to its target (Frost).

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