Elden Ring streamer ups the difficulty using only one hand to challenge Malenia

Terry Oh
Malenia one hand

Malenia is known as one of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring. But despite her infamous reputation, a Twitch streamer took her down with ease using only one hand while at rune level 1.

Among the myriad of bosses, Malenia quickly became infamous among the Elden Ring community. Despite her small figure, at least compared to the usual monstrosities, Malenia is an absolute behemoth of a boss fight.

“I am Malenia. Blade of Miqella. And I have never known defeat.” Her now iconic line sends chills down the spines of casual players — who see her as an overwhelming wall to surmount. But for Twitch Streamer MissMiikkaa, it’s just another day at the office.

She’s been playing the entire game at rune level 1 — a popularized challenge to maximize difficulty. But on top of this already near impossible limitation, MissMikkaa added one more variable to the mix: she’s playing one-handed.

On top of the usual face cam, Miikkaa has a second webcam showcasing her inputs, where her left hand is constantly poised over a PlayStation controller.

The other hand has a Twitch sock covered over it, to ensure she’s not using both hands while playing. After all, if a bright purple sock randomly appeared on screen, it’d be rather obvious.

It takes Miikkaa a couple of tries to beat Malenia — but it’s evident from her initial movements against Malenia the streamer has a good handle on the fight.

“I’m not even looking at the screen while I’m dodging. Is that a good sign?” she conversed with her viewers, enjoying back and forth engagement with her Twitch Chat.

On the final run, she weaved expertly between each sword slash — displaying skill the majority of two-handed players couldn’t even begin to mimic.

Before slaying Malenia, Mikkaa exclaimed, “this is actually really good,” following up by dealing the final blow.

The Twitch streamer let out a cheer: “oh my god, we got her. Wooo!” She then threw the sock-covered hand and her playing hand into the air — delighted by the well earned victory.