Dragon’s Dogma 2’s most powerful weapon comes with a huge risk

Eleni Thomas
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Dragon’s Dogma 2 players have found the most powerful weapon in the game, however, this item does come with one major drawback.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has been making waves in the gaming space, with fans already sharing their hot tips and other helpful advice online. 

While the game may be a challenging experience for many, certain weapons and upgrades can help you get the edge when traversing through the world.

One particular weapon found by a Dragon’s Dogma 2 player has been getting major attention online. The Unmaking Arrow is a weapon players can use to their advantage in Dragon’s Dogma 2. 

According to the breakdown of the arrow, it is the most powerful weapon in the game in that it can one shot kill any foe. “The ultimate arrow, said to kill instantly,” according to the description.

While the concept of a weapon that can one-shot kill any enemy is, of course, a major advantage to players, it does come with a huge risk and potential downside. 

The description of the arrow also notes that “once fired, the game will automatically save, so choose your moment with due care.”

Therefore, the Unmarking Arrow can be used one time only, the automatic save feature stopping players from exploiting the weapon to try and duplicate or reuse the arrow. Not to mention, if you miss, there’s no chance of trying it out again.

Another important thing to note, as spotted by one Dragon’s Dogma 2 player on X (formerly known as Twitter) is that the game “only has one save slot.”

As such, Dragon’s Dogma 2 players will have to be extremely selective when using the Unmaking arrow. After all, using it at the wrong time could prove costly if a tougher foe appears later on in the experience.

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