Disguised Toast is tired of being known as the “Among Us guy” on Twitch

James Busby
Disguised Toast streaming

Twitch streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has called out people who think he is just an Among Us streamer, explaining how his popularity pre-dates the beloved social deduction game. 

Disguised Toast is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, with a massive 2.7 million subscribers. In fact, the content creator pulls in thousands of viewers from around the world daily. While Toast’s most popular content often involves Among Us streams with his fellow OTV members, the Twitch star also uploads other content. 

His most recent streams have involved an IRL trip to Japan and Rust tournaments, which have proven incredibly successful. However, despite his best efforts, Disguised Toast often finds himself being labeled as the “Among Us guy” – a title that often proves frustrating for the streamer. 

Disguised Toast on being known as the Among Us guy

During his recent stream, Disguised Toast decided to react to an IRL crane game video he made an appearance in. However, when the streamer was introduced by CDawgVA, he noticed that the Among Us soundbite began to play. 

“He intro’d me with the Among Us soundbite, huh? Guys, I’m more than just Among Us,” explained Toast. “I used to be like one of the biggest Hearthstone streamers and one of the biggest TFT streamers.” 

While Toast is aware that the social deduction game has helped increase his viewership and skyrocket his popularity, he was keen to highlight that he isn’t a fan of being known for this one game. 

“Like, I know Among Us was my most recent thing, but yeah I do others,” said the streamer. “I’m not the Among Us guy, you know?” In fact, Toast can often be found streaming a variety of gaming content, with Valorant and Hearthstone being among his favorite games to play. 

Among Us may have increased his popularity on the streaming platform, but for Toast, the social deduction game has often been a double-edged sword.

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