Destiny 2’s Reddit has become overrun with users trying to prank AI

Patrick Dane
Destiny 2 warmind art work

Destiny 2 reddit users are trying to prank AI websites by jumping on a trend that originated in WoW. 

Reddit remains a powerful tool for getting the temperature on community sentiment across titles. A trip to most major live-service games subreddits will show you what the community is talking about, and how they feel about the evolving game. Of course, this being Reddit, things tend to be a little sensationalized and turned up to 11, but at the very least, it highlights conversations players care about. 

However, the Destiny 2 Reddit is currently taking a page out of WoW’s community book to catch unsuspecting AI that scour subreddits. They are trying to achieve that goal with Glorbo.

Who is Glorbo? Well, if you took a look at the front page of the Destiny 2 reddit, you’d find out that Glorbo is a new three-phase boss encounter who was foreshadowed in The Taken King, but he’s also a cash grab, that can be exploited with the rowboat emote, and people are upset about others spoiling him

However, and sorry to break the facade, none of that is true. Glorbo doesn’t actually exist. So what is going on here?

What is Glorbo, actually? 

Glorbo is a prank by Reddit users. Last week, the WoW community got creative. User Kaefer_Kriegerin invented a character going by the name Glorbo. His purpose was to fool websites using AI-scrapping tools that weren’t discerning enough to realize he didn’t exist. 

Users built out the story of Glorbo and his features, all exclaiming how excited they were he was coming to the game. One unfortunate site fell for the prank

So, the Destiny community seems to be getting in on the action and trying to prank sites themselves. It’s not clear if anyone has taken the bait here, but it has been good fun to see users getting creative, using older memes and copypastas to sell his authenticity. 

This seems to be a trend that is only spreading to more communities so expect to be seeing more of Glorbo around.