D&D Beyond announces incoming crash fix following February 2 outages

D&D Beyond is the premier character creation tool in Dungeons & Dragons.Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro

D&D Beyond is the game’s premier online character creator and campaign management system and it’s undergoing some major crashes only a week after settling OGL 1.2 controversy.

Wizards of the Coast temporarily closed the door on the uproar regarding the arrival of a new Open Game License for Dungeons & Dragons.

Fans fought back against the idea and the developers backed off of changing the current licensing agreement.

Throughout the debacle, the WoTC team announced that D&D Beyond would be the place where they draw feedback over any future changes but now the site has been suffering near-constant crashes since the night of February 2.

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D&D Beyond announces fix for sustained site crashes

The site’s social media team announced that crashes are still ongoing as of February 4 and that any players hoping to access their character sheets in the coming days may need to save them to a PDF to avoid interruption.

“We are aware of ongoing issues with accessing character sheets. While our teams implement a fix you may see sporadic interruptions,” they warned.

When attempting to access the site, things may hold up for a few minutes at a time, but players will inevitably be met with a backend error eventually, with the API seemingly at fault.

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“Whoops! We rolled a 1 on our API check. We’re heading into town to visit the blacksmith for repairs. Try again after a Short Rest,” a warning from the site reads.

Previously, the brand’s Twitter account had acknowledged the problem but didn’t have a timeline for a fix. “The team is currently working on a solution for this issue, and we will be sure to update you once those issues have been resolved. Thank you very much for your patience!”

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This is a big deal as Dungeons & Dragons has become an online phenomenon over the last five years.

Thousands of players rely on the site, not only to access their individual characters but also for the paid source materials (such as campaign settings and adventures) that are hosted on their accounts.