Crazy Forza Horizon 5 clip takes over the internet after worst luck ever

Shay Robson
forza porsche in forest

An insane Forza Horizon 5 clip has gone viral on Twitter, leaving some players baffled as they witnessed one of the worst bits of luck ever.

Forza Horizon 5 was one of the most anticipated releases of 2021, and the game quickly lived up to the hype after being released on November 5.

Close to 10 million players jumped into the breathtaking open-world racing title, galavanting across Mexico in some of the coolest cars on offer.

Now, an insane clip has gone viral on Twitter, leaving some players lost for words after watching the absurd, yet hilarious moment.

Forza Horizon 5 best retro sports cars Jaguar
Forza Horizon 5 has blown players away.

On January 15, Twitter user 216doe shared the absurd clip, showing a Range Rover landing on top of another just moments after they’d taken the same jump.

The player proceeded to cross the finish line in first place with the car on top of theirs, but as it turns out, they only got second place and the car on top received first. “I’d delete the game,” said 216doe.

The hilarious moment has since gone viral on Twitter, amassing over 5 million views, 500,000 likes, and 100,000 retweets – and it absolutely doesn’t seem to be slowing down at the time of writing.

The rare clip got some hilarious reactions from Twitter users who were left in disbelief by it.

Gotta unplug everything after this,” said one Twitter user, with another adding: “Even stuff that has nothing to do with the game.”

Others questioned why the player didn’t jiggle to knock the other car off. “Should’ve jiggled it,” said one player.

Dude on top was holding on, he knew what he was doing,” another claimed.

The clip is definitely a rare moment to experience while playing Forza Horizon. Rest assured, it is pretty unlikely you’ll ever encounter this yourself, but give them a nudge off if you do.

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