Coral Island romance guide: All datable characters, jobs, and more

Coral Island Dateable Characters GuideStairway Games

Coral Island has a diverse cast of characters for players to meet and build relationships with. Thanks to the successful Kickstarter for the game, a large number of these townies will be romanceable. Find out who might be your future farming partner below!

Coral Island has just released for early access gameplay, taking players on a new farming journey that combines lovely graphics with modernized slice-of-life mechanics. While planting fields with turnips and daisies will take up a good amount of time, players will also have the chance to meet Coral Island’s diverse collection of residents.

Developer Stariway Games has taken a unique approach to the characters that live around Coral Island. The cast is refreshingly diverse and each character has a storyline that isn’t a chore to explore. This is a pleasant change from recent AAA titles like Rune Factory 5 and Story of Season: Pioneers of Olive Town, which both lacked character depth.

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To add to this, a surprisingly large number of Coral Island characters will be available as datable options to players. Due to the game being LGBTQAI+ inclusive, fans can have their pick of who they might like to marry while playing a character they best relate to. Below are all the currently announced romanceable characters.

Every romanceable character in Coral Island

Because all characters can be romanced regardless of gender, they will not be separated into the male and female romance categories. Instead, they will be broken down as seen on the CoralIslandGame Twitter romance roster post.

Coral-Island-Datable-Candidates-AStairway Games
Coral Island residents Noah, Yuri, Scott, and Lily
  • Noah – He/Him, Works at Fishnships. Birthday is Winter 10.
  • Yuri – She/Her, Works at the Clinics. Birthday us Summer 28.
  • Scott – He/Him, works with the Museum. Birthday is Spring 12.
  • Lily – She/Her, works from home for cybersecurity. Birthday is Fall 19
Coral-Island-Datable-Candidates-BStairway Games
Coral Island residents Eva, Rafael, Leah, and Kenny
  • Eva – She/Her, bakes for Sam’s General Store. Birthday is Summer 13.
  • Rafael – He/Him, is one of the local Blacksmiths. Birthday is Fall 4.
  • Leah – She/Her, teaches yoga at the Community Center. Birthday is Summer 24.
  • Kenney – He/Him, works as a rancher. Birthday is Spring 9.
Coral-Island-Datable-Candidates-CStairway Games
Coral Island residents Surya, Nina, Theo, and Macy
  • Surya – He/Him, works as a Marine Biologist at the Lab. Birthday is Fall 25.
  • Nina – She/Her, vacations on Coral Island. Birthday is Winter 24.
  • Theo – He/Him, is a fisherman around the island. Birthday is Fall 11.
  • Macy – She/Her, aspiring photographer. Birthday is Spring 25.
Coral Island Datable Candidates 1Stairway Games
Coral island residents Pablo, Alice, Luke, and Zarah
  • Pablo – He/Him, works as one of the Blacksmiths on the island. Birthday is Spring 27.
  • Alice – She/Her, works with her twin sister Suki at the Coral Inn. Birthday is Winter 27.
  • Luke – He/Him, owns and runs Socket Electronics. Birthday is Fall 16.
  • Zarah – She/Her, local treasure hunter and explorer. Birthday is Summer 16.
Coral Island Datable Candidates 2Stairway Games
Coral Island residents Millie, Ben, Suki, and Charles.
  • Millie – She/Her, local librarian. Birthday is Winter 3.
  • Ben – He/Him, owns a Merchant shop in the forest. Birthday is Spring 22.
  • Suki – She/Her, works with her twin sister Alice to run the Coral Inn. Divorced with daughter Valentina. Birthday is Winter 27.
  • Charles – He/Him, local Doctor at the Clinics. Birthday is Winter 4.
Coral Island Datable Candidates 3Stairway Games
Coral Island residents Chaem, Mark, Aaliyah, and Raj
  • Chaem – N/A
  • Mark – He/Him, seems to work with the mines. Birthday is N/A
  • Aaliyah – N/A
  • Raj – N/A
Coral Island Datable Candidates 4Stairway Games
Coral Island Residents Wakuu and unannounced marriage candidates.
  • Waaku – N/A
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

As shown above, several of the marriage candidates for Coral Island have only been added recently, and others have yet to be revealed. This guide will continue to update as early access progresses and more information in learned about each character.

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