Content Warning is an overnight hit thanks to one key element: Simplicity

Jessica Filby
Content Warning

Horror games are renowned for their jumpscares, dark corners, and intense soundtracks — but Content Warning’s secret weapon is undeniably its unique graphics.

Considering the likes of Baldur’s Gate 3, Dragons Dogma 2, The Outlast Trials, and even Amnesia, it’s clear great graphics are at the forefront of a vast majority of video games right now. After all, they can help an adventure feel immersive and can heighten the senses of those diving into terrifying basements or locations no sane person should really walk into without protection. 

However, Content Warning has proven that there’s no need for a dramatic soundtrack or realistic graphics when you have great jumpscares and weird monsters.

Content Warning proves the horror isn’t just about looks

Content Warning exploration

When it comes to a great horror game, immersion is one of the keys to success. After all, you have to be glued to your screen in order for those jumpscares or unnerving monsters to frighten you. As such, many look to graphics to help create a terrifying atmosphere.

Nevertheless, this is completely turned on its head by Content Warning, which has a more unique, deliberately lower quality design when compared to its AAA cousins.

As soon as you descend into its dark, basement-style landscape, you’re met with a visual design that feels reminiscent of a scratchy drawing found in one of Outlast’s asylum rooms. The furniture, walls, and even floors feel threatening, and most give off an entirely intentional monster-like shadow, causing suspicion at every turn.

What’s so interesting about this is the notion that you’re equally as immersed— if not even more so — by these graphics, despite them being rather ‘simplistic’ compared to games of a similar caliber. Such a design and a lack of dramatic music actually serve to heighten this game’s tension, creating a horror game fans are now obsessed with.

It just goes to show that sometimes the look isn’t everything, especially when reality is thrown out of balance in a horror game like Content Warning.

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